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A Beggar and Photographer

Canon EOS REBEL XT 1/160 second F/5.6 ISO 400 75 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Ralf Kesper from Attendorn, Germany

I find this degrading. This poor people are not animals in a zoo. They are also humans.

Good docu, well captured.

7 Oct 2011 5:28am

Dico from DRACHTEN, Netherlands

Hope the man has asked for the beggars account and is now tele- banking for a tribute;-))
What a contrast. This is a worldpress photo !

7 Oct 2011 6:06am

jpla from St Barthélémy d, France

Les nouvelles ne sont pas bonnes ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée


7 Oct 2011 6:23am

Chantal from Terheijden, Netherlands

your street photos are so great

7 Oct 2011 6:27am

Jani from Sweden

absolutely wonderful capture!

7 Oct 2011 6:41am

Gérard Beullac from Paris, France

Has he really made a picture ? Of her ?
I see a scene where a guy in the street is ckecking the messages on his phone with a total indiferrence to his environment.

7 Oct 2011 7:01am

@Gérard Beullac: yes, he did and now he is viewing this image ! thx .

Christine from Ellemford, United Kingdom

Such a contrast, great documentation, I so hope he gave her some money

7 Oct 2011 7:05am

Phil from Sausset les Pins, France

Lonelyness in the crowd ..;Sad , but beautiful and speaking shot , Phil

7 Oct 2011 7:10am

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Powerful documentary shot. The poor woman looks very isolated as everyone is occupied by their own closed world.

7 Oct 2011 7:14am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

A poignant shot of the ignored and dispossessed.
By the way I'm still in my shorts. It was easy peasy for the three weeks in Spain but a trifle more challenging now I'm back in the UK :)

7 Oct 2011 7:24am

@grouser: ha ha ... cool . weather is super here too ... many are still wearing shorts :)

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Two extremes - well done.

7 Oct 2011 7:28am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

I retain the glance of the man sat on the cellular telephone of the passer-by. For him we can imagine that this tool is totally derisory compared with its poverty. Poignant shot

7 Oct 2011 7:45am

Morten Pedersen from Norway

I do think he is thinking of something else than giving the woman some money.

7 Oct 2011 7:52am

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

Wow, two extremes.
Great shot 5*

7 Oct 2011 7:54am

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Two looks that can not cross. A picture pathétic. Superb Mariana. Nice day.

7 Oct 2011 8:14am

franz from Baden, Austria

impossible ... how could he be so callous?!?

7 Oct 2011 8:23am

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

That's a pretty strong social comment, all in one frame.

7 Oct 2011 8:26am

Fraucha from Біла Церква, Ukraine

Yes Curly you are right ...

7 Oct 2011 8:29am

Sam from Chennai, India

Powerful shot.
Poverty in any form is so miserable ...
We all have some responsibility towards those under privileged fellow beings ... :)

7 Oct 2011 9:43am

Pedro Alves from Porto, Portugal

Nice, very nice street photo with a great contrast.
Another that tells a story... not a happy one...

7 Oct 2011 9:52am

@Pedro Alves: thx Pedro .

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Nice situation....Joy & hope together.

7 Oct 2011 10:04am

@PRASHANT: interesting vision you got . I see disrespect and despair !

Lougris from Toulouse, France

une image d'une grande puissance, avec un cadrage incroyable !
on voit tout d'abord cet homme et son portable, puis le regard glisse irresistiblement vers les yeux de cette pauvre femme recroquevillée dans son coin de porte, la main tendue... et on reste scotché sur ces yeux si intenses et fixés sur ce passant occupé... et on voit tout le vide autour d' solitude et sa detresse... elle regrde les gens, mais personne ne la voit...scène de solitude urbaine... 5*

7 Oct 2011 10:06am

Jules from Drayton, United Kingdom

emotional and thought provoking - great capture as always Mariana

7 Oct 2011 11:00am

Phil David Morris 2011 from Saskatoon, New York, Canada

But for the grace of God, it could be reversed with him down there begging, he
seems to look the part as much as her. All I can think of is I hope he has left
some money for invading her degrading plight.

7 Oct 2011 11:04am

@Phil David Morris 2011: I absolutely agree with you Phil . Thx for sharing your thought too ;)

Heinz from Hamm, Germany

so etwas gehört sich nicht, es ist wirklich Respektlos.
Gut gesehen und hervorragende Tonung.

7 Oct 2011 11:24am

J.R. from Ginowan, Japan

Looking down on others is seed planted that you'll reap a harvest from you don't want! Great capture and what a story it tells

7 Oct 2011 11:27am

morgan from canyon Country, United States

Great work on timing. Very effective image.

7 Oct 2011 11:52am

Laurie from Prescott, United States

Excellent street scene, Mariana. You really captured captured the indifference of the pedestrians and the look of hopelessness on this woman's face. She was once someone's child and then perhaps someone's mother. Very sad, but beautifully captured. A documentary in itself. Have a wonderful weekend, Mariana.

7 Oct 2011 11:59am

Z from Shanghai, China

Very strong shot..Even if he gave her some money afterwards, is it a proper reason to trade for taking a photo?

7 Oct 2011 12:42pm

P J W Miller from Chase Terrace, United Kingdom

Has he taken a photo of the beggar in which case he should pay her and maybe you too, so she gets two for the price of one, nice in mono

7 Oct 2011 12:51pm

Sterre from Netherlands

Great street scene.
This is realy the way of live.

7 Oct 2011 12:58pm

Mully from Carmarthenshire, Wales., United Kingdom

Top class newspaper work Mariana.

7 Oct 2011 1:06pm

Williams from East LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada

Excellent composition. This should make all of us who walk the streets with cameras something to think about.

7 Oct 2011 1:08pm

Pnyks from Warsaw, Poland

Excellent eye, great scene, sad reality...

7 Oct 2011 1:21pm

António Pires from Lisbon, Portugal

You are right. This is a case of disrespect.

7 Oct 2011 1:25pm

Sérgio Pontes from Lisboa, Portugal

Amazing shot. Here in Portugal there are many homeless people too. Its so sad

7 Oct 2011 1:41pm

STEED from D, France

A Great story in Your picture.......Excellent !!!

7 Oct 2011 1:59pm

Photographs by M.E. from San Francisco, United States

"a picture paints a thousand words" is so very true in this varying tones of B&W! very well captured!

7 Oct 2011 2:08pm

Jean-Luc from Bourg en Bresse, France

I don't like disrespect and the voyeur way. I prefer the discretion of my S. Did he give some money to this poor woman before...? Kiss S , enjoy the week end

7 Oct 2011 2:36pm

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

simply beautiful and natural, perfect harmony of the characters,
bear the photograph in the soul Marian perfect

7 Oct 2011 2:36pm

Irene from San Francisco, United States

Powerful photo, but very said to see. The economy is awful all over.

7 Oct 2011 2:40pm

Nuno Monteiro from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Great capture and a beautifull B&W contrast.

7 Oct 2011 2:49pm

Sam from Chennai, India

I fully agree with the views of Phil David Morris. Great image and words. Thanks Mariana and Phil.
This is what we admire in AM3 and your blog ... :)

7 Oct 2011 2:51pm

Rick from Toronto, Canada

So heartbreaking. Callous. He had better hope his life keeps HIM from those unforgiving streets. There is added poignance here from the background presence of youthful people whose energy is a direct contrast to the befallen elder. Vivid, tremendous street photo.

7 Oct 2011 3:38pm

Doug from Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Great documentary of such a sad sight, unfortunately it looks like the poor woman is not getting anything from him and he is quite happy to take from her.

7 Oct 2011 3:41pm

Landy from Miami, United States

good job superb the strength of this image greetings

7 Oct 2011 3:47pm

vaFA from tehran, Iran

beautiful B/W.very nice shot.well done.

7 Oct 2011 4:28pm

Sien from Valkenswaard, Netherlands

Very, very nice street shot!!
Well done .

Grz Sien

7 Oct 2011 4:33pm

Thierry Pouleur from anseremme, Belgium

son gsm en main , une belle excuse pour éviter le regard de la mendiante, belle photo

7 Oct 2011 4:46pm

Eric C. from Ivry sur Seine, France

So sad ! Great street shot !!

7 Oct 2011 4:48pm

Jean-Luc T. from Juignac, France

I would have hope he was not viewing his image! But you say yes!!!

7 Oct 2011 5:01pm

PATRICK from miramas, France


7 Oct 2011 5:03pm

Richard Geven from Montferland, Netherlands

This is contrast....I always find it difficult to get a picture of a vagrant or beggar ...
A great capture of this situation Mariana!

7 Oct 2011 5:08pm

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

Fantastique scène de ce personange qui photographie le mendaint quelle scène touchante

7 Oct 2011 5:21pm

cajera from France

You always find unique situations of daily life to capture. You spend your time on the street. The guy could have had the respect to check his photo below and discreetly

7 Oct 2011 5:30pm

@cajera: ha ha .. hey, i have to correct you : my free time I am really on the streets but with CAMERA :)

RBL from Oxford, United States

Great street capture, their hands speak so well in this photo...great shot! And always...beautiful b/w!

7 Oct 2011 6:05pm

Roman from Thiersee, Austria

great shot!
very well done.

7 Oct 2011 6:48pm

Linda from Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

Great B/W that really brings home street life, great capture :-)

7 Oct 2011 7:38pm

Loukas from Ilioupolis, Greece

Very interesting framing Mariana! Also the young boys add much to the power of the shot

7 Oct 2011 8:21pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

He's checking his shot and she's hoping for some money. A wide gulf separates the haves and have nots as you've shown so well.

7 Oct 2011 8:22pm

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

Amazing everything that is going on here. The woman looks so dejected, the man checking the picture is absolutely heartless and then there are the kids in the background looking like they are having a great time. Fantastic street commentary.

7 Oct 2011 8:43pm

Andrew from Simsbury, United States

What a great shot and the people are framed perfectly.

7 Oct 2011 8:49pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Great street capture. Strong contrasts.

8 Oct 2011 12:10am

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

Like the rich blacks...even if they're poor people ; ] best…jf

8 Oct 2011 1:02am

johbont from rotterdam, Netherlands

how kind, he give something/
behind the youth is coming

8 Oct 2011 4:19am

klausZ from Kufstein, Austria

another proof and shot which shows in an impressive way, how separeted our society is and is getting more and more! to leave nearby, poor and rich, good and bad, it seems to be so normal! so many of us are shocked by this capture and knows this situations in our daily life! we have forgotten to take a look at this, we have learned to ignore this! and so our society needs people like you, which stopped and captured this situations in a fantastic way, this fantastic simplicity of the moment! and a photo doesn´t have the requirement only to be beautiful!
i´m really impressed!

8 Oct 2011 11:21am

Aly from Annen, Netherlands

This the world today 2011
Makes me sad.....

8 Oct 2011 10:19pm

domlortha from Roanne, France

A tragic street scene, well caught in BW. Great work again!
Have a nice day.

9 Oct 2011 1:18pm

Oscar from BCN, Spain

with a Nokia N95

9 Oct 2011 4:08pm

Marcie from Newton, United States

Love those kids hanging in the background. Terrific!

9 Oct 2011 8:57pm

mike from Cap d'Agde, France

Un beau reflet du monde d'aujourd'hui où les individus sont plus intéressés par des choses futiles que par leur prochain

10 Oct 2011 4:54pm

foto forte from Phoenix, United States

I like this image because it is so very "street", which to me is a documentation of daily life. The tones, the framing in this image is very good and your capture of her expression as she looks at him as he walks away is me, her expression and his indifference by being absorbed in the image on his phone makes the image and speaks volumes. Very, very, very fine work, Mariana.

10 Oct 2011 8:48pm

foto forte from Phoenix, United States

Oh, and I forgot to say, the indifference of the others as well....I went to San Francisco a while back, one of my favorite cities...the amount of homeless, the unfortunate on the streets is staggering and what struck me so powerfully was the complete indifference, as if these people were simply...well, not there. That is what your image makes me think of (this is a good means, to me, that the image is powerful and strikes me in the same way as actually seeing it for myself in San Fran).

10 Oct 2011 8:53pm

@foto forte: HI jenny . Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. See, no matter where picture is taken, in Sarajevo or San Francisco, situation is pretty much the same.

taolechat from potenza, Italy

encore une photo qui parle et nous raconte une histoire, magnifique, marianna !

15 Oct 2011 7:51pm

rian from vestavia hills, United States

that's quite a sad scene you captured here..

23 Oct 2011 7:35pm

1/160 second
ISO 400
75 mm