Posted by Mariana Maoduš (Waterloo, Canada) on 20 August 2011 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Jan 2011


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

Powerful !!! best…jf

20 Aug 2011 5:05am

arvin from sari, Iran

Take Pain...
Feeling Lost...

20 Aug 2011 5:53am

Landy from Miami, United States

creo que es una de las mejores fotos que he visto aca en este sitio mucha fuerza en esta imagen, mis respetos, gran trabajo saludos

20 Aug 2011 5:53am

@Landy: saludos ;)

PATRICK from miramas, France


20 Aug 2011 6:01am

Landy from Miami, United States

me equivoque en decir que es una de las mejores fotos, no usted tiene un tremendisimo trabajo echo acabo de revisarlo y sinceramente me impreciono, usted y yo tenemos algo en comun nos gusta el robo de rostro, es decir, capturar a la persona en su verdadero estado emotivo, un saludo y continue con esas fotografias sobervias fantasticas y muy bien logradas....

20 Aug 2011 6:04am

johbont from rotterdam, Netherlands

he just finished his job?
how sweet to give us his greetings

20 Aug 2011 6:06am

Hossein saharnaz from ahvaz, Iran

it's the best message....

20 Aug 2011 6:16am

Eduard Crispi from Vic, Spain

a portrait full of expression! You captured the right moment. Great shot!

20 Aug 2011 6:19am

Chantal from Terheijden, Netherlands

impressive portrait!!

20 Aug 2011 6:28am

Hossein saharnaz from ahvaz, Iran

dear M
At first i know that it's very good shout but it was the best if you did :
1- the face is shown the main message therefore it's better to be focus.
2- complete frame was better.

20 Aug 2011 6:40am

@Hossein saharnaz: thanks for your suggestion , but NO , thanks !

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

A very powerful image. A masterly use of the focus for enhancing the message.

20 Aug 2011 7:28am

Pixim from Nice, France

Emotion is the best ...
Like this is completed, sometimes human being is nothing and little gest is more impressive. Always human being is not completed and a little part is all. Good days Mariana ;)

20 Aug 2011 7:31am

@Pixim: thanks Pixim ;)

Morten Pedersen from Norway

Powerful expression.

20 Aug 2011 7:36am


amazing portrait...graet shot

20 Aug 2011 7:38am

@SILV3R WOLF: thanks Silver ;)

Véronique from Here & Now, France

Sublimement réaliste, quelle émotion ! La mise au point sur la main, sur les lignes de vie, et le léger flou sur le visage, comme un tremblement...
Marianna you're the best, thank for all this fabulous portraits

20 Aug 2011 7:38am

@Véronique: thanks Véronique :)

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Many emotions in this magnificent portrait. A photo sublime. 5 *. Mariana nice day.

20 Aug 2011 7:49am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

Sad and magnificent at the same time

20 Aug 2011 7:52am

Priscilla from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very beautiful.

20 Aug 2011 8:08am

alireza from andishe, Iran

Life can be tough in the face of the boy.

20 Aug 2011 8:11am

Kat from Lorraine, France

A lot of emotion and sadness in this fantasctic portrait

20 Aug 2011 8:11am

Thierry Pouleur from anseremme, Belgium

une photo grandiose, bravo, elle nous montre une réalité de la vie bien triste de ces enfants

20 Aug 2011 8:32am

Mhelene from Paris, France

Oh...what a portrait ...!!

20 Aug 2011 8:50am

Z from Shanghai, China

an emotional farewell...great portrait!

20 Aug 2011 9:11am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Such a painful expression

20 Aug 2011 9:18am

Zora Zoé Schmidt from Greifswald (Gryphonwood), Germany

Great portrait and an excellent capture of emotion of this little sad boy - fantastic work!

20 Aug 2011 10:33am

metanat from mashhad, Iran

greattt ...happines & SADNEESSS both i see in this shot...niiceee

20 Aug 2011 10:56am

Jules from Drayton, United Kingdom

awesome portrait with lots of emotion - really like the focus on the hand rather than the face

20 Aug 2011 11:06am

Frida from Sweden

Excellently captured emotion. Makes me feel kind of sad.

20 Aug 2011 11:07am

RORO from LE HAVRE, France

A so good idear to focus on the hand !

20 Aug 2011 11:12am

Williams from East LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada

I look at your photos & think, I leave them to come back & think some more. Many words come to mind but in the end the strength of the photo says it all.

20 Aug 2011 11:42am

@Williams: thanks Paul ;)

Sam from Chennai, India

Magnificent portrait. Excellent capture of painful emotions. Powerful. Touching ... Five Stars. :)

20 Aug 2011 11:49am

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

A heartfelt portrait. The gesture of the raised hand creates a very powerful image. Have a great weekend, Mariana.

20 Aug 2011 12:02pm

Irene from San Francisco, United States

Great capture !

20 Aug 2011 12:07pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A touching portrait

20 Aug 2011 1:12pm

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Wonderful it.

20 Aug 2011 1:45pm

@PRASHANT: I learn this from Karine and always liked it - DOF= depth of feelings .. I am so sure you thought about this but not about TECHNICAL DOF !

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Poignant; this little guy has had a very hard life, or at least a pretty hard day.

20 Aug 2011 2:28pm

STEED from D, France

Bye !!!

20 Aug 2011 2:41pm

@STEED: bye sweetie :)

Don Levesque from Saint John, Canada

This is a photo taken by Mariana, I would never ask you to change your style like Hossein saharnaz posted above. You're photos come from the heart and are beautifully captured.

You're title says "Bye" and focusing on the hand is a true show of artistry and sends out a strong message.
5*****stars for this one Mariana!

20 Aug 2011 3:20pm

@Don Levesque: i am smiling Don and thanks a lot :)

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

Marian really in your travels around the world
for life
lived moments written with tears,
of emotion ...............,
is your life as well as teach us, as are you.
kiss pablo

20 Aug 2011 3:56pm

@Melocoton: hugs Pablo ;) thanks a lot .

Heinz from Hamm, Germany

ganz hervorragend. Die Schärfe auf die Hand zu legen war eine gute Sache.

20 Aug 2011 4:09pm

Richard Geven from Didam, Netherlands

This isn't a happy bye.......
What a portrait Mariana, the focus on the hand is perfect and what the boy wants to say realy hits me.....

20 Aug 2011 4:16pm

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

Very powerful portrait. There is so much sadness in his eyes. And the raised hand says it all.

20 Aug 2011 4:55pm

Abhijit Dharmadhikari from Mumbai, India

Very emotional picture! Loved it!

20 Aug 2011 5:18pm

Oleg from Podolsk, Russian Federation

For some reason I feel very sorry for the boy. Great series, Mariana!
But it seemed to me that you still have mixed feelings on the visit to Sarajevo...You know what I mean...

20 Aug 2011 5:44pm

@Oleg: Me too , Oleg . This is his life , being on the streets with brothers begging for money !

Enzo from Lausanne, Switzerland

Très beau portrait, une image très touchante!

20 Aug 2011 8:05pm

Rick from Toronto, Canada

Wow... SO great and so moving. Another of your photos that I feel is instantly classic and timeless. It is such a joy to be able to view what you share. (even the images that strike at my heart and make me think deepest, which is what I love most of all anyway)

20 Aug 2011 8:44pm

Zus from Osaka, Japan

His hand says the words. Very impressive.

20 Aug 2011 8:55pm

@Look from Nivelles, Belgium

Une photo qui parle, une photo qui soulève une émotion très forte ! Le N/B accentue l'expression et nous renvoie chaque ligne de la main, chaque ombre du visage.

20 Aug 2011 8:59pm

acm from St. Louis, United States

So powerful! Stunning image.

20 Aug 2011 9:36pm

maximage from Mase, Switzerland

Very powerful portrait. What else? Nothing just a fantastic photo job!
Congratulations Mariana.

20 Aug 2011 9:41pm

Hashem Hosseini from Mashhad, Iran

i've seen lots of these faces in my country, im not shocked or impressed, im used to them.

20 Aug 2011 9:49pm

@Hashem Hosseini: looking forward to see them on your page ;)

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

I think I would prefer the focus on the face but it's a good portrait and good editorial photo.

20 Aug 2011 10:42pm

Andrew from Simsbury, United States

This is an excellent portrait of a young child. The B and W gives great feeling to this shot, nice job.

21 Aug 2011 12:02am

kgoks from Kanagawa, Japan


21 Aug 2011 2:44am

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

Quelle iamge touchante superbe ce jeune cela fait réfléchire, très émouvant

21 Aug 2011 3:33am

masoud from tehran, Iran

powerful portrait

21 Aug 2011 4:05am

Manuel Hompanera from La Robla, Spain

Un retrato muy bueno ,has captado perfectamente la expresividad de la cara del niño.Bien Mariana.

21 Aug 2011 7:25am

Oscar from BCN, Spain

Bye and Good Luck! Supèr portrait. Una expresión increible

21 Aug 2011 12:51pm

RobertB from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

This leaves me speechless.

21 Aug 2011 3:23pm

Nik from Bude, United Kingdom

Very powerful image. Quite unsettling. This little guy looks like his life is very tough.

21 Aug 2011 3:24pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

He's glad you came and is sorry to see you go. These street children can pull at the heart strings. A wonderful image especially in your powerful B&W. Bravo!

21 Aug 2011 10:00pm

Laurie from Prescott, United States

Oh Mariana - this just breaks my heart! You have captured so perfectly the pain of saying good-bye. You must have brought such joy into this child's life, even for just a moment. The contrast of the drab street behind and that little face in tears. Perfect framing and excellent capture!

21 Aug 2011 11:48pm

Trina from Pennsylvania, United States

Very touching. Great capture!

22 Aug 2011 11:36am

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

outstanding capture. strong emotional impact

22 Aug 2011 11:08pm

Isidro from Barcelona, Spain

excelente captura una expresion triste de este niño, buen trabajo!!

23 Aug 2011 2:38am

rafafotografia from Madrid, Spain

Fantastic portrait, with great force

23 Aug 2011 4:58am

Christine from Duns, United Kingdom

Very powerful, his hand looks as if it is touching the other side of my computer screen

23 Aug 2011 6:18am

Anita from West Nottingham, Pennsylvania, United States

No joy in this child's face. Makes me want to cry.

24 Aug 2011 11:21am

domlortha from Roanne, France

Strong picture, with great emotion! Lovethe focus on the hand and the sadness of his expression. A great one!
Have a nice day.

25 Aug 2011 10:16am

rian from vestavia hills, United States

very emotional shot.. well done..

25 Aug 2011 9:19pm

Albert from Sweden, living in Hamburg, Germany

It is a strong photo. I'm have difficulties to interpret his face. Is it pain, sadness or just numbness... It is a very good portrait, and keeping the focus on the hand works surprisingly well. Well done.

26 Aug 2011 3:24pm

Eric C. from Ivry sur Seine, France

Focus on the hand, wonderfull, congrats !!

28 Aug 2011 1:58pm

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

You've captured his total despair

28 Aug 2011 8:56pm

حسن صنوبری from tehran, Iran

یاعلی مدد
This is great.
This boy is very lovely.
Lady! This is your best shot.

8 Sep 2011 7:07pm

@حسن صنوبری: maybe for your eye and your knowledge of photography ! Thanks a lot , but I do not think the same .

حسن صنوبری from tehran, Iran

OK. I have very little knowledge of photography.
But I know a lot of emotion. Poets sometimes guess right.

That's right. Your best photos in the future. Perhaps the last picture.
But this shot, in comparison with your past, is best.

However, the vision of a poet.

9 Sep 2011 12:02am

@حسن صنوبری: thx for coming back , but again , I do not agree with you . Also, I would stop discussing this issue !

Hashem Hosseini from Mashhad, Iran

ur tour de force... shot of ur lifetime.

13 Oct 2011 10:16pm

Frédéric from France

Excellente capture N&B ! Très bien réalisée, beaucoup de détails intéressants. Une image forte et lourde de sens. Libre au visiteur d'en percevoir et d'en comprendre la teneur. Bravo !

12 Feb 2012 11:53am

PANAMEPHOTOS from Champigny Sur Marne, France

A topcoat and a too big hat for him as this misere and this look which says a lot has only him there
Bravo for this splendid photograph or everything is said

31 Mar 2012 6:51pm

@PANAMEPHOTOS: that was really too much commenting at once ;) thanks !

1/250 second
ISO 400
75 mm


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