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Take Care !

Canon EOS REBEL XT 1/500 second F/9.0 ISO 400 110 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Loukas from Ilioupolis, Greece

Although not a portrait you still managed to capture a very interesting scene. I like the way they both move out of the frame

18 May 2011 5:02am

@Loukas: Street photography has always been more interesting to me than portraits ;) Thanks Loukas !

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Everyone walks at their own pace !!!!! Very nice B & W and superb contrast. Good day.

18 May 2011 5:17am

Kenny from Eastsound, United States

A very surreal and eerie scene.

18 May 2011 5:43am

@Kenny: To my eyes it is very real and ordinary street scene . Why eerie ? Thanks .

Mhelene from Paris, France

Incredible ! A superb street capture !

18 May 2011 6:26am

Thomas from Paris, France

Awesome street scene! Great composition.

18 May 2011 6:58am

Don Levesque from Saint John, Canada

Great street capture, superb contrast.

18 May 2011 6:59am

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Intriguing shot. We can imagine these two figures going their own seperate ways after coming out of the building with the glass doors.

18 May 2011 7:06am

DULCIE from Danville, CA, United States

Oh my gosh ! Where do you find these shots? !!
These two people look so thin and fragile and rather precarious,
that it seems wise to remind them to take care !! :-)

18 May 2011 7:15am

PATRICK from miramas, France


18 May 2011 8:24am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

Really very funny this image where both characters are in very different attitudes, the one that must be careful and the other pressing appearance. I like very much

18 May 2011 8:47am

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Yikes, looks like a town with a food shortage crisis!

18 May 2011 9:12am

@Curly: NO way . 80% of population is overweight . that is why these two were so striking to me . Thanks Curly !

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

perfectly poised:)

18 May 2011 9:22am

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

Nice street capture, great contrast

18 May 2011 9:46am

Gérard Beullac from Paris, France

No fat people in this picture!
I love the coincidence between the bricks pattern and the printed short of this man.

18 May 2011 9:46am

@Gérard Beullac: in this picture only :) thanks .

Chantal from Terheijden, Netherlands

B&W makes it stronger

18 May 2011 10:02am

@Chantal: thanks chantal ;)

Laurette from South Africa

A great street scene and excellent composition. Well captured and seen.

18 May 2011 10:30am

J.R. from Ginowan, Japan

Did you give them a bite to eat? Going from Curly's remark.

18 May 2011 11:15am

@J.R.: no, I did not :)

jeff (aka dogilicious) from Millerstown, PA, United States

Excellent contrast in subject and tone

18 May 2011 11:23am

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Oh!!...nice shot.

18 May 2011 11:38am

@PRASHANT: oh, thanks :)

Damian B from Manchester, United Kingdom

Street photography is my favourite type of photography and you are just fantastic at it, this is a fantastic shot where both humans look so fragile walking out of the frame, almost if that building behind was some kind of hospital/Nursing home and they are trying to escape for the day. This is why I love photography - a shot like this can never be repeated!!!

18 May 2011 11:55am

@Damian B: The same with me - my only interests - street photography :) Thanks Damian !

Marcie from Newton, United States

A wonderfully honest street scene. Love the sharp blacks and whites!

18 May 2011 12:10pm

JCJ from Troyes, France

what i like with your B&W pics, it's the fact that we can easily read the composition, thanks to contrasts well managed in the processing.

18 May 2011 12:11pm

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

You can't get more different than these two. Well seen and a fine shot, Mariana.

18 May 2011 12:31pm

Christine from Duns, United Kingdom

Another brilliant street scene, I really like the composition of them both walking out of the frame in opposite directions. One who has kept himself fit and supple and the other who looks as if she is trying her best.

18 May 2011 12:35pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

A wonderful street capture Mariana! Bravo! ;-)

18 May 2011 1:04pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Cool shorts

18 May 2011 1:17pm

@Denny Jump Photo: wow !!!

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

I like the scenery and the positions of the people - everybody goes out of the image

18 May 2011 1:41pm

Dexter Chee from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nice story....

18 May 2011 2:07pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

This has such a Diane Arbus feel to it.

18 May 2011 2:32pm

amin from Iran

Very beautiful work!

18 May 2011 2:32pm

Pascale. from La Bonneville sur Iton, France

one very sad situation,we are wondering how they can stand up and walk! Excellent B&W,shot at the best moment!

18 May 2011 2:41pm

delkoo from marguerittes, France

really great one, i would have loved to be the one who had taken it

18 May 2011 2:50pm

Christian Richer from Le Havre, France

You have an amazing sense of light! Your processing gives great relief to pedestrians!

18 May 2011 3:20pm

Rick from Toronto, Canada

A fantastic moment, forever stilled to be admired. I like this symmetry and balance which is also imbalanced as they head in opposite directions. The bricks are really cool and the way this gentleman's shorts pick up a similar pattern. Mariana, I enjoy your work very much!

18 May 2011 3:35pm

Sam from Chennai, India

Beautiful street scene. And a great story here ... And a perfect title 'Take care' :)

18 May 2011 4:54pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

An interesting scene that lets the mind imagine different story lines about these people. Like many above, I like that they are moving out of the frame.

18 May 2011 5:16pm

Oleg from Podolsk, Russian Federation

They are going away in the different sides...Different ways, different fates...
Your photography has said so.

18 May 2011 6:02pm

Richard Geven from Montferland, Netherlands

Just the right moment and a fantastic title Mariana!!!

18 May 2011 6:03pm

dagilmar from Córdoba, Spain

A real piece of street photography. The BW gives the image very much strength although the most striking point is the way both individuals seem to get out of the frame. Great job!

18 May 2011 6:25pm

Lydia.Dd from de partout et de nulle part, France

A surreal scene ! I love this kind of shot !

18 May 2011 6:33pm

Damien from Le Havre, France

Une superbe capture. Joli cliché de rue...

18 May 2011 7:07pm

Monterey John from Hollister, CA, United States

Indeed! I think I know how they feel!

18 May 2011 7:29pm

STEED from D, France

Curious and amazing opposition between these two persons.......A nice frame and a great scene..Excellent !!!

18 May 2011 7:30pm

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

wonderful b / w, as always looking more complicated side of life.

I have a curiosity Marian always do urban photography, you do not like otors issues, you do not see interesting landscapes, for example, I'm sure you will come out too precious, a kiss pablo

18 May 2011 7:36pm

@Melocoton: what about these ? or these .
I am taking pictures of anything, but street photography and portraits I like the best ! Thanks Pablo !

gobou from Bamako, Mali

Formidable street capture at the decisive moment

18 May 2011 7:39pm

Oscar from barcelona, Spain

Tus fotos tienen una sensibilidad diferente, A pesar de los problemas de la gente, consigues transmitir algo mas! Me encanta

18 May 2011 7:47pm

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

Marian'm breathless, I like both of your fotgrafias light of nature, beautiful, learn to be quiet, you're wonderful

18 May 2011 8:12pm

larhune64 from AHETZE, France

Tu trouves toujours des contrastes et des situations très émouvantes

18 May 2011 8:22pm

Still from Valence, France

A strong image again!

18 May 2011 8:33pm

guillaume from Paris, France

Excellent !! strong one !!! *****

18 May 2011 9:45pm

Jacqueline from Montréal, Canada

They need good care for sure, the guy on the right has strange legs... to see those two on the same shot is quite something !

19 May 2011 12:21am

Andy Wong from Hong Kong, China

Perfect title for this image...Excellent!

19 May 2011 1:00am

Sugata from Newark, United States

Wonderful use of lines and patterns! Great choice for a B&W and great title!

19 May 2011 1:08am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great contrasts captured here in this B&W composition. Nice caption for this post as if they just finished chatting and are now on their separate ways.

19 May 2011 5:38am

martim from Galesburg,Illinois, United States

Firstly this si a wonderful clice of life...Young vs Old ...healthy stride vs Legs that are failing.It is also nice to see that Canada has curb easements...they did not have in Paris...and the Cobblestone walkways were killing my knees...that was before I used a cane. Today finally succumbing to Arthritis throughout my body..I know what it takes to go to the store..the library and to walk my my housework..and I see the smaller more fragile older person as very can also see it in her arm muscle...As they say Growing Old is not for sissies....Somethings are certain kinds of Arthritis and MS...runs in the Scotch Irish Side of my family....I remember the photo of the older lady in Serbia...and how sturdy she was compared to this woman...but she probably has great loneliness....and courage.It is great to see the disabled out and the entire 2 weeks in Paris I saw only peoplw who could walk rapikdly and only 1 wheelchair...where on earth do their old people and disabled people hide......IS there an acceptance of reality of the disabled...apparently so in Canada...Huzzah! Thank you for making the diabled Visible in your work....physically as well as mentally....we all were once cute and Young...Merci

19 May 2011 12:42pm

@martim: many thanks Martim for this lovely comment .

1/500 second
ISO 400
110 mm