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Little Gypsies

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 1/200 second F/4.0 ISO 80 6 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

PATRICK from miramas, France


6 Apr 2011 5:39am

Tinx from Kuressaare, Estonia

Nice shot!

6 Apr 2011 5:47am

missparis from PARIS, France

Quelle misère !

6 Apr 2011 5:48am

DULCIE from Danville, CA, United States

Nice their unique faces and the red jackets against the neutral tones.

6 Apr 2011 5:49am

Tomek from Poznań, Poland

Well seen. Interesting colours and strong contrast. I like it.

6 Apr 2011 5:58am

Loukas from Ilioupolis, Greece

Right timing in capturing the essence of the scene

6 Apr 2011 5:59am

JacklineG from Béarn, France

Un petit sourire esquissé malgré la misère ! Un moment superbement saisi ! ...Bonne journée Mariana

6 Apr 2011 6:08am

Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

Superb processing adds to the intensity of this shot.

6 Apr 2011 6:22am

Gérard Beullac from Paris, France

So young and already touching the worst toughness of this world.
The picture is excellent as we see the younger still tender while the big one has another kind of expression in her face.

6 Apr 2011 6:40am

jpla from St Barthélémy d, France

C'est superbe ! Je suis d'autant plus admiratif que je suis incapable de photographier une telle scène ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée

6 Apr 2011 6:41am

Suzanne from Melbourne, Australia

there always seems to have been.
but i hope there will be a day when children don't have to beg:))

6 Apr 2011 7:04am

J.R. from Ginowan, Japan

Yeah, a little different than driving down to TJ just south of San Diego and watching kids beg from car to car at the border crossings while their folks watch from the back ground.

6 Apr 2011 7:46am

kgoks from Kanagawa, Japan

gorgeous image!

6 Apr 2011 8:28am

Thomas from Paris, France

une photo qui une fois de plus ne laisse pas indifférent. Une image magnifique par le cadrage, le contraste, ... mais triste au plus haut points.

6 Apr 2011 8:41am

Christine from Duns, United Kingdom

This always breaks my heart and you have captured it perfectly, it reminded me of India where the children had the same expression in their eyes.

6 Apr 2011 9:05am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

I like the hard colour treatment. Nice portrait with that little extra from the boy strolling in from the background

6 Apr 2011 9:11am

klausZ from Kufstein, Austria

very impressive capture and of course a sad one! it is unbelievable, that this is still reality in so many parts of europe! very sensitive processing!

6 Apr 2011 9:14am

Lydia.Dd from de partout et de nulle part, France

A sad scene but a beautiful shot !

6 Apr 2011 9:16am

El pare from Prepirineu, Andorra

Like little pixies at the city. Possibly they could get some money.

6 Apr 2011 9:44am

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Great shot and I like the selective colour. We see the bright red but poverty on the streets remains invisible to most people.

6 Apr 2011 9:46am

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

Great shot, beautiful photographed

6 Apr 2011 10:03am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

C'est triste ces tous jeunes enfants déjà en mendicité

6 Apr 2011 10:15am

cristoF from montbéliard, France

trés belle photo !!!

6 Apr 2011 10:53am

Lougris from Toulouse, France

de "petits chaperons rouges" perdus dans la foret d'un monde devenu loup...superbe!

6 Apr 2011 11:14am

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Nice shot....

6 Apr 2011 11:49am

Matrixity from Charleston, United States

Sadness fills me for these children...but this is a great shot.

6 Apr 2011 11:53am

Sam from Chennai, India

Great capture. Very bright colour but sad to see children like this. This has to change in our times ... If not, certainly our children will make it happen ... A very powerful shot. :)

6 Apr 2011 12:07pm

Williams from East LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada

Really fine. Am I wrong to think the young one has a a good sense of humour?

6 Apr 2011 12:08pm

@Williams: Do not know what to tell you . I empty my pocket full of money for those kids ( these two and their 3 brothers ) .... At the end I wanted to have their picture, and little one still does not trust me I have no more money, and he is still asking .. the bigger boy thanked me so many times and was waving when I said good bye ;)

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

These two little street urchins have wonderful expressions on their faces! Nicely captured Mariana! ;-)

6 Apr 2011 1:06pm

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Poor little mites. That's no way to start life

6 Apr 2011 1:08pm

Rick from Toronto, Canada

It is a superb photo, and of course carries the sadness of its reality for these boys. I love that your colour images contain every bit of the unique feeling that imbues your black and white shots. It is the photographic equivalent of listening to a trademark sound from a brilliant musician. I can offer no higher praise, and thank you for sharing these compelling food-for-thought scenes, day after day!

6 Apr 2011 1:17pm

@Rick: thanks Rick . I do not need any higher price from this ;) Are you a writer too ?

Nicou from Switzerland


superbe shot et ocmpo tpout en rouge, ce jeunes, image touchant qui fait mréfléchir.

Bravo et amitié


6 Apr 2011 1:19pm

Andy Wong from Hong Kong, China

A superb capture

6 Apr 2011 1:31pm

PixeLuz from Vitória, Brazil

A strong capture with the red dominant reinforcing the dramatic scene.

6 Apr 2011 1:41pm

Terral from Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

Awww, a sweet shot.

6 Apr 2011 2:05pm

Pascale. from La Bonneville sur Iton, France

this is certainly a sad picture,but one more time,very strong,and so well done! The colors are superb!

6 Apr 2011 2:12pm

Tanay from Mumbai, India

Guys in Red..nice shot!

6 Apr 2011 2:27pm

Dana from Tarzana, CA,, United States

Holiday red, with lingering snow. The boys' hands, for some reason, are especially striking. Bravo.

6 Apr 2011 2:30pm

Thierry Pouleur from anseremme, Belgium

tout de rouge vêtu, bien vu, belle photo

6 Apr 2011 2:38pm

STEED from D, France

Misery in colors........Superb !!!

6 Apr 2011 2:43pm

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

A very moving photograph.

6 Apr 2011 2:51pm

Nitin from Shanghai, China

Superb compelling portrait of these kids. Love the redness against the rather dull and dreary background. Excellent stuff. Cheers!

6 Apr 2011 2:58pm

jafadabret from Annonay, France

Très belle capture d'une scène de notre monde en souffrance !

6 Apr 2011 3:13pm

Richard from Didam, Netherlands

The color RED works fantastic in this shot Mariana!! The little boy is telling you....i want money for this shot lady!!!

6 Apr 2011 3:28pm

Rick from Toronto, Canada

M : I write, too. Yes. Love it!

6 Apr 2011 3:48pm

@Rick: I knew .. .and for the first time I looked at your about page .. and now I understand everything :))) and music too .. :) Music was number 1 in my life till I started taking picture only 3-4 years ago :) Now, I like you even more :)

Rick from Toronto, Canada

Very nice of you to have a look: I am a lifelong explorer of creativity and have been a musician for thirty years. My number one passion always, but threatened for the top spot by photography which is something I only really fell in love with in mid-2008, but has jumped over creative writing into the runner-up spot! Haha... I am blown away that you are taking these kinds of pictures from only a small span of time. You are a born "eye".

6 Apr 2011 4:12pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Gorgeous picture, lovely hand gestures, so open and welcoming.

6 Apr 2011 4:17pm

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

I like the portrait, their faces and expressions and thered clothes

6 Apr 2011 4:26pm

martim from Galesburg,Illinois, United States

I am like you...I give what I can....and I have Pictures taken in France fo The Gypsies...and each one i gave money...and asked them if i might take their picture...I will try to put the one up I call my Gypsy Madonna...I love Children...and I love the shot you got here....I was "told" that they live very well in France and i was coddling them. Yeh like peopel in USA live on our social securtiy....hi-la-i-ous. In mexico in olden time wwe woudl pay them to "Watch" our car.....I wanted to throw them all in and bring them to USA. So much for that today....This si why I love your find that which is worthwhile...Thank you.

6 Apr 2011 4:40pm

@martim: your story is identical as mine, martim :) This picture is from Sarajevo, when I recently went home . Sarajevo always had a lot of gypsies! Little boys are washing people's cars quickly for some change, while red light is on . many young gypsy girls with babies are on the streets , begging for money ... thanks a lot for your words .

ORBIT from Kerman, Iran

Very sad,
but well captured. :)

6 Apr 2011 4:57pm

Damian B from Manchester, United Kingdom

The Innocence of Youth - I love this shot - so Vibrant and so well captured, the intense colours almost make the shot 3D - Amazing capture!!

6 Apr 2011 4:58pm

@Damian B: thanks a lot . I almost processed this picture in BW, but liked their dirty red tops, that would not be ok in mono :)

Kat from Lorraine, France

Ces deux enfants ne peuvent laisser indifférent, une photo pourtant égayée par les deux sweats rouges

6 Apr 2011 5:13pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

One seems to say "Peace and prosperity" and the other seems to say"May I have apiece of that cake?" I love the red clothes against the silvery snowy background combined with the red trim on the building! Really cool color contrasts..great piece Mariana!

6 Apr 2011 5:20pm

Jean-Louis from Nîmes, France

Une photo très belle et très dure à la fois !!!
De belles tonalités !!

6 Apr 2011 5:34pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

what struck me is that when photographing kids, if they know they are being photographed, they can't not pose

6 Apr 2011 5:43pm

RBL from Oxford, United States

Wonderful capture! Each of your photos tells a story that is an interesting read! Have a good day.

6 Apr 2011 5:55pm

Ddo from Verdun, France

J'aime le contraste entre leurs deux gestes : l 'un leve la main, l'autre la tend :) . et aussi la dominante de rouge, jusqu'aux chaussures du petit derreire et au batiment

6 Apr 2011 6:25pm

Njord 91 from EVRY, France

J'aime bien la lumière sur les personnages

6 Apr 2011 6:36pm

tce76 from Saint Laurent de brèvedent, France

Le contraste et les couleurs donnent un super rendu à ce clicché.

6 Apr 2011 6:36pm

Merilee from United States

great capture.

6 Apr 2011 7:19pm

@Merilee: that was kind of posing for my picture, not a capture ;) thanks !

Pomme from France

Bien vu ! :)

6 Apr 2011 7:48pm

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

very wonderful shot......................

6 Apr 2011 7:56pm

GIPSY ELENA from Basauri, Spain

..the intensity of the colour seems to get out of the screen!A beautiful street-scene in its drama..

6 Apr 2011 8:05pm

rainboy from Nainital, India

you amazingly captured such an expression on both their face, very good shot. 5 stars

6 Apr 2011 8:24pm

Manuel Hompanera from La Robla, Spain

Un gran contraste de color,muy bien realizada.Saludos.

6 Apr 2011 8:27pm

Sof from Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Superbe, il faut y arriver à photographier une telle scène

6 Apr 2011 8:29pm

Annierita & Annisabelle from New Delhi & Belle Ile, India

la couleur rend moins violente la dureté du sujet mais comme toujours quelle force dans ton regard ! Annisab

6 Apr 2011 10:16pm

Michael from Chester, United Kingdom

I think it's sad, it's not their fault. An interesting docu-shot.

6 Apr 2011 10:22pm

Dokmateo from madird, Spain

Excellent framing..poor little kids!

6 Apr 2011 10:38pm

Satvik from Far far away, United States

Great capture of these kids !

7 Apr 2011 2:56am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great capture with color that really unifies this composition and puddles with nice reflections.

7 Apr 2011 3:32am

Krunal from Mumbai, India

Wonderful reds, and a wonderful capture of their expressions

7 Apr 2011 3:34am

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Life seems so unfair sometimes. But, we humans adapt and survive. These kids have learned to ask for money and they look like they need it. A tender image of these tough little guys.

7 Apr 2011 2:38pm

larhune64 from AHETZE, France

Deux attitudes différentes pour une même scène , le refus et le vouloir ; ça fait un peu de peine

7 Apr 2011 8:26pm

larans from Lund, Sweden

Fine capture, with great colors.

8 Apr 2011 6:25am

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom


8 Apr 2011 7:49am

domlortha from Roanne, France

Ashtoning red on this picture! Great shot again: you've got a real talent let take picture of people in the street. Really nice!
Have a nice day.

10 Apr 2011 4:17pm

mark / one way photo from London, United Kingdom

Stunning colours in this portrait!

19 Apr 2011 8:26am

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Lot's more great portraiture, but this one is particularly stunning.

10 Jul 2011 4:07pm

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
1/200 second
ISO 80
6 mm