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like a movie star

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 1/250 second F/4.0 ISO 80 35 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Cory from Phoenix, United States

Wow. Fantastic portrait. Very rugged textures.

22 Mar 2010 5:14am

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

He looks like he escaped from a wax museum! So much movement here. His hair, his straining neck, his sharp eagle eye, the way his shirt wrinkles over his body. He draws you in.

22 Mar 2010 5:25am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Bettina said it all and I agree.
This is a fabulous "star." But he makes me think of the OTHER star who smoked, the Marlboro Man.
He died young from LUNG CANCER. :[(

22 Mar 2010 5:47am

MK from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

may be he was. love the fine details u captured here

22 Mar 2010 6:17am

Rags from Plano, United States

He really seems to be enjoying his cig.

22 Mar 2010 6:24am

Bruno from Beauvais, France

Il n'en perd pas un gramme de nicotine. Bonne journée Mariana.

22 Mar 2010 6:38am

@Bruno: I am having difficulties to open your site and enter the comment :)

Richard T from Leicester, United Kingdom

I wonder why I get the impression that he likes himself quite a lot ;-)

Fine natural portrait Mariana ... richard

22 Mar 2010 6:39am

Behzad from Shi, Iran


22 Mar 2010 6:47am

@Behzad: thanks :)

NANNE from Netherlands

Wauw, that's a real great photo, MARIANA!
Do you know these people, neighbours, freinds?



22 Mar 2010 6:50am

jpla from St Barthélemy d'Anjou, France

Superbe portrait ! Bonne journée.

22 Mar 2010 7:03am

Nazzareno from Rome, Italy

A hat designed in the "wind tunnel"....

22 Mar 2010 7:07am

Fred from Manila, Philippines

Yes. He's got the angst and the smoking pose that bad-ass movie stars do when in front of the camera. The way he holds the cigarette and the stretching of muscles in his neck are details that just make it all the more appealing. nice shot!

22 Mar 2010 7:11am

k@ from Paris, France

Superb lonesome cow-boy, i like the soft tones and the way he holds the end of his cigarette a lot. This is a man, oh yeah ! ;)

22 Mar 2010 7:30am

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Oh! it looks like a cowboy! Great portrait. Nice day.

22 Mar 2010 7:38am

NaDu from Köln, Germany

Next moment he'll raise his gun, so let's creep below the tables. Wonderful portrait.

22 Mar 2010 7:40am

Jean-Luc T from Juignac, France

Fantastic portrait of this cow-boy! Have a nice week Mariana.

22 Mar 2010 7:45am

R.J.Dee from Ettlingen, Germany

Don't bogart your joint, my friend ... pass it over to me !

22 Mar 2010 7:47am

Dilwenn from Bordeaux, France

Quelle belle allure!!!
Bonne journée!

22 Mar 2010 8:10am

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

A great natural portrait with beautiful details in the hands and face

22 Mar 2010 8:11am

oncho from granada, Spain

Retrato de una persona interesante y dura curtido en el trabajo

22 Mar 2010 8:12am

Babzy from Besançon, France

Incredible portrait !!

22 Mar 2010 8:14am

Mhélène from Paris, France

We are in a movie !! antastic portrait !

22 Mar 2010 8:19am

PATRICK from miramas, France

very great capture

22 Mar 2010 8:21am

Ekios from Une des iles du salut, Guyana

Niiice, but it looks more like a Marlboro advice ! (the cigarets)

22 Mar 2010 8:21am

Larry Lefever from Lititz, United States

Great portrait! Redefines 'rugged'.

22 Mar 2010 8:27am

Andrei Barbu from Timisoara, Romania

Excellent portrait! Great expression and moment!

22 Mar 2010 8:31am

Albert Manso from barcelona, Spain

Great portrait! Nice shot!

22 Mar 2010 8:35am

Jean-Louis from France

Un excellent portrait !!
J'aime bcp !!

22 Mar 2010 9:09am

Phil from Sausset les Pins, France

And now te Ennio Morricone music !!?? Great portrait , Phil

22 Mar 2010 9:17am

fabrizio from rome, Italy

great and impressive

22 Mar 2010 9:24am

Emmeji from France

Un super look façon John Wayne !Super portrait, une fois de plus !

22 Mar 2010 9:47am

Richard Standley from Carquefou, France

What a fabulous portrait! A movie star indeed.

22 Mar 2010 10:04am

T.h.o.m.a.s. from Paris, France

Super portrait ... avec la dégaine de cow-boy ! bravo

22 Mar 2010 10:09am

Marie-Jezaria from Paris, France

Waoh !!! Gorgeous portrait ! Between Paul Newman and Steve McQueen... sure he seens as per a movie star, a wink to the spirit of Western ! Bravo !! Great !! 5*

22 Mar 2010 10:20am

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

Great portrait with superb timing and powerful character...well titled!

22 Mar 2010 10:24am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Great profile and he's sucking the life out of that cigarette, or is it sucking the life out of him? :)

22 Mar 2010 10:26am

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

A movie star from decades long ago - he's smoking. :-) Super portrait!

22 Mar 2010 10:29am

amirreza from tehran, Iran

cool shot

22 Mar 2010 10:31am

Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

MARIANA're a teacher in the subject of the portrait! You have frozen a gesture and an image at the right time! The editing is excellent! The perfect composition. Congratulations! Best regards... Adela

22 Mar 2010 10:43am

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

He seems really a movie star, he's so expressive.

22 Mar 2010 11:21am

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

A super portrait Mariana! I agree...he looks like the actor that used to play the Rifleman on TV...... ;-)

22 Mar 2010 11:28am

olivier Paillet from toulouse, France

Yhe cow boy of Marlboro !!! Great portrait !

22 Mar 2010 11:59am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Fabulous portrait, he's a fantastic character. I like very much the processing also.

22 Mar 2010 12:06pm

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

A really fine image beautifully processed.

22 Mar 2010 12:08pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Exactly. He's nothing but a movie star !

22 Mar 2010 12:24pm

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

Yes! Like an urban cowboy!! Another great portrait!

22 Mar 2010 1:25pm

Photome from Uden, Netherlands

Super cool this portrait!

22 Mar 2010 1:49pm

Lilly from La Ménitré, France

Wonderful portrait ! He quite looks like a star !! Bravo !

22 Mar 2010 1:58pm

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

In a B movie : ] best...jerry

22 Mar 2010 2:04pm

B.Held from Santa Fe, United States

such a superb shot!

22 Mar 2010 2:15pm

Don from spokane, United States

What a strong characterization with the "last draw before burning finger tips" and that special processing.
A marvelous image. This has commercial appeal written all over it!

22 Mar 2010 2:51pm

Jen Meers from Edmonton, Canada

Excellent shot again!

22 Mar 2010 3:10pm

SOUL AFLAME from The bosom of Mother Nature, United Kingdom

Absolutely, M. A very fine portrait

22 Mar 2010 3:55pm

JJ from Jersey City, United States

fantastic portrait shot, rich textures

22 Mar 2010 3:59pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

An unbelievable silhouette. Very nice

22 Mar 2010 4:28pm

dany-yepa from Nice, France

greattttttttt portrait , we say a movie poster , very nice !

22 Mar 2010 4:35pm

Barbara Manners from Toronto, Canada

'And that's a take!!', as they say in the movies.

22 Mar 2010 4:42pm

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

He IS a cool dude! I like the way he is sucking on his smoke :) Nice shot.

22 Mar 2010 5:20pm

Sonia Nansid from Stockholm, Sweden

What an interesting guy! I love the colors, he looks like made of bronze.

22 Mar 2010 6:11pm

tataray from St Laurs, France

Wow.... Excellent ....

22 Mar 2010 6:11pm

Magrat from Germany

Aaah... yes, just like jumped out of an old Western...! Stunning portrait with amazing coloring, Mariana... Have a nice day!

22 Mar 2010 6:36pm

Jacqueline from Montréal, Canada

Great shot Mariana !!

22 Mar 2010 7:23pm

@Jacqueline: thx Jacqueline !

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

superb portrait ! a new Lucky Luke ;-)

22 Mar 2010 7:24pm

philippe from dijon, France

Superbe portrait de "star" très beau, bravo et bonne soirée Mariana.

22 Mar 2010 7:30pm

tce76 from Saint Laurent de Brèvedent, France

Tout juste sorti des studios d'Hollywood ce type là!

22 Mar 2010 7:37pm

mo.langel from Courtelary, Switzerland

wow! A real and beautiful cowboy! :) Great portrait!

22 Mar 2010 7:42pm

Olivier from Hainaut, Belgium

he is he is dead to smoke...

22 Mar 2010 7:48pm

@Olivier: will check on him again to see how is his health :)

Jaap from Heerenveen, Netherlands

Excellent portrait, great character.

22 Mar 2010 8:24pm

Martin from North Platte, United States

I dont know how you do it? Gotta email you have a question.

22 Mar 2010 9:40pm

@Martin: read my email and tell me if you believe or not :)) ha ha

foto-rolero54 from Belgium

Wow, which splendid profile, great shot!

22 Mar 2010 9:43pm

Michael from Shell Village, United Kingdom

Indeed he is... a true no nonsense man.

22 Mar 2010 10:12pm

Mohsen from Tehran, Iran


22 Mar 2010 10:42pm

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

it looks like the famous cowboy with a cigarette brand known worldwide!

22 Mar 2010 10:50pm

oscar from Barcelona, Spain

a star from far west?

22 Mar 2010 10:56pm

Gregory Kowalski from Beijing, China

Dirty Harry.. 2.0 .. great portrait a lot of positive feel and mystery in his expression.

23 Mar 2010 1:12am

shoti from somewhere in, China

wonderful portrait, the cigarette makes this twice as interesting!

23 Mar 2010 1:47am

JoeB from Brampton, Canada

I keep wondering towards his hand dirty and different in colour, he's sucking the life out of that cigarette.

23 Mar 2010 1:48am

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Love his posture, as if he's inhaling with everything he's got.

23 Mar 2010 2:34am

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

Beautiful portrait of this cowboy. Lot's of tension in his gaze.

23 Mar 2010 2:52am

Satvik from Columbus, United States

Excellent portrait !

23 Mar 2010 3:09am

DLee from Fanling, Hong Kong

Wow, Mr Cow Boy!! Nice shot!!

23 Mar 2010 3:53am

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

Very nice use of those expressive hands.

23 Mar 2010 4:31am

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

So many of those stars were taken by lung cancer. I wish this fellow well with his habit. An excellent photograph.

23 Mar 2010 4:58am

arash from tehran, Iran

so cool ...i like it

23 Mar 2010 7:53am

Jean-Luc from Lyon, France

ah yes , he could be an actor in western movie , for sure !
Have a great day , S

23 Mar 2010 8:51am

steve-stefedesign from Liverpool, United Kingdom

Such strong features. Like the way you've processed this

23 Mar 2010 1:47pm

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

WOW - Super x 6.5 !!

23 Mar 2010 8:08pm

rian from mobile, United States

i like the attitude & vibe of this man you captured.. he does seem to have showbiz potential.. ;D great catch.. :)

23 Mar 2010 8:22pm

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

I think I saw this guy in a movie.... Great catch, Mariana...

24 Mar 2010 12:39pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

An excellent and gritty portrait of this fellow. The colors are great.

24 Mar 2010 3:29pm

Laur from Clermont-Ferrand, France

superbe, on pourrait penser à un héros de film ! bravo !

24 Mar 2010 3:59pm

Jeremie from Brooklyn, New York, United States

An interesting blend of John Wayne, Henry Fonda and Clint Eastwood... Very nice portrait Marianna.

24 Mar 2010 7:51pm

@Jeremie: to me he looks like Clint Eastwood :) thx J .

Peter from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Again someone with a determined expression. Was it him she was chassing?(your bikergirl, I mean)

24 Mar 2010 8:47pm

El pare from Prepirineu, Spain

A great and well detailed portrait. I like it

25 Mar 2010 10:49am

POBSB from Tilburg, Netherlands

perfect title

25 Mar 2010 11:31am

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Another fantastic portaris and another intersting character.

25 Mar 2010 1:50pm

Ernest from Sydney, Australia

excelle4nt portrait

25 Mar 2010 11:33pm

Chris.B from Olburgen, Netherlands

Fantastic portrait of this cow-boy!

26 Mar 2010 7:58pm

STEED from Gueret, France

Crocodile D..........The Return !!!!

28 Mar 2010 7:17am

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
1/250 second
ISO 80
35 mm