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There is Sunshine in his Soul

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 1/640 second F/4.0 ISO 80 6 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Chris Pereira from San Jose, CA, United States

great portrait i really like the lighting.

28 Jan 2010 5:07am

mang Anto from Indonesia

woww...great portrait..! i like this old man..

28 Jan 2010 5:35am

Céline from New York City, United States

It almost looks like the juxtaposition of two different shots ! Nice image !

28 Jan 2010 5:50am

Gary from Cochise County, United States


28 Jan 2010 5:52am

Richard Geven from Montferland, Netherlands

Mariana? How do you do this.... What a powerful sight, this man has. Marvelous!

28 Jan 2010 6:01am

@Richard Geven: Man really has very impressive face, but thanked to the light I got this image !

Photosanity from Folsom, United States

Fascinating! Wow!

28 Jan 2010 6:04am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great processing of this portrait with a lot of texture seen in the guy's wirey beard and aged face.

28 Jan 2010 6:09am

Manubhai from Bangalore, India

Just the way it should be...wonderful sunshine on the face and great capture

28 Jan 2010 6:17am

Bruno from Beauvais, France

Génial. Ca c'est du portrait !

28 Jan 2010 6:28am

Jean-Luc T. from Juignac, France

Excellent portrait. What a face! Have a nice day Mareiana.

28 Jan 2010 6:34am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Wonderful. The odd light highlights this man's lined face and the detail of his beard.

28 Jan 2010 6:37am

Nadu-Dosenöffner from Köln, Germany

I swear by the by the beard of this old man: this is a superb one! The portrait on the right, the little street scene on the left and the nice shadow in the middle. Fine triples build an awesome compo.

28 Jan 2010 6:39am

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Wow, what a face! Marvelous tones.

28 Jan 2010 6:41am

Oscar from Barcelona, Spain

Mariana, nice portrait, i like the disposition of face, is very interesting, and her expresion is fantastic.

It is not the first time photographs this man?

28 Jan 2010 6:59am

PATRICK from miramas, France

wow excellent

28 Jan 2010 7:07am

STEED from Gueret, France

Superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture,framing,mood,treatment,colour....

28 Jan 2010 7:18am

NANNE from Netherlands

Very nice photo... and let the sun shin..., MARIANA.



28 Jan 2010 7:25am

madagasca from singapore, Singapore

seems like everything is perfect on this pic...

28 Jan 2010 7:31am

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

STUNNING light, composition and treatment...a winner from you Marianna!

28 Jan 2010 7:48am

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Excellent portrait, love the angle!

28 Jan 2010 7:53am

Pierre from Belgium

Magnifique portrait de cet homme.
Beau travail

28 Jan 2010 8:02am

El pare from Prepirineu, Spain

A very expressive face. Well done.

28 Jan 2010 8:06am

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

I guess to reach such may have also a your heart! beautiful!

28 Jan 2010 8:08am

jeanclaude from st mande 94160, France

un magnifique portrait

28 Jan 2010 8:18am

Peter from Amsterdam, Netherlands

You're shure it ain't "Moonshine" in his soul, Mariana? ;-))

The compo is all right though!

28 Jan 2010 8:20am

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Hi Mariana, a true wonder that portrait with a giant processing! Nice day.

28 Jan 2010 8:40am

philippe from dijon, France

Géniale cette photo, la compo et la gueule !! un grand bravo, j'adore.......................

28 Jan 2010 9:11am

Ddo from Verdun, France

Maybe a certain serenity'sign, at the age of wisdom coming

28 Jan 2010 9:57am

Jaap from Friesland, Netherlands

Magnificent shot. Very impressive face.

28 Jan 2010 10:03am

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

Interesting picture, nice title.

28 Jan 2010 10:26am

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

...Indeed.. what a great shot..

28 Jan 2010 10:45am

Marlowe from Le Havre, France

Ah Mariana ... Your photos are always so stunning! Especially the black and white! They have something special that I can not spell ... composition, lighting ... I do not know ... But you have a real personality photography!

28 Jan 2010 11:01am

@Marlowe: Thx Marlowe . You make me blush :))

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

Fantastic street portrait, I like the details on his beard.

28 Jan 2010 11:31am

Richard Standley from Carquefou, France

Wonderful and fascinating! You did a great job.

28 Jan 2010 11:37am

Magrat from Nordhausen, Germany

Stunning portrait... Wonderful monochrome with a lot of light and very interesting shades... Great, Mariana!

28 Jan 2010 11:40am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

The slight diagonals and the dramatic crop together with the hard light make for a punchy dramatic portrait

28 Jan 2010 11:54am

Mhélène from Paris, France

A superb portrait !

28 Jan 2010 12:00pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

How did you manage this Mariana? It appears as if you caught him just coming out of a hiding place in the shadows - incredible timing?

28 Jan 2010 12:27pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Great super high contrast ! I like this portrait.

28 Jan 2010 12:39pm

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Well caption, beautiful thought.

28 Jan 2010 12:58pm

Larry Lefever from Lititz, United States

Excellent capture! Love the touch of cooler tones in the beard and hair. Wonderful comp. Very engaging.

28 Jan 2010 1:20pm

@Larry Lefever: thanks Larry so much ;))

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Beautifully captured Mariana! Yes you can definitely see that he has soul.... ;-)

28 Jan 2010 1:20pm

mirela from brighton, United States

Absolutely! Lots of sunshine! Unbelievable processing, would you mind sharing what you did to this shot to have this outcome? Thanks!

28 Jan 2010 1:34pm

@mirela: just a great light straight on one half on his face :)) I would tell you if anything else is here .. :))

Richard Trim(T) from Leicester, United Kingdom

An old man who has seen a lot of life ... now in his twilight years his confidence is diminishing and he is wary and unable to interact with the pace of modern living. Fine image he, juxta-posing with the younger generations.


28 Jan 2010 1:53pm

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

He looks like a character from a Bukowski short story. Cool compo too.

28 Jan 2010 1:58pm

Ken from United States

Mariana! A positive image through and through! wow!

28 Jan 2010 2:10pm

lili from Narbonne, France

Wahou great shot. Tones, composition .... I love it very much !

28 Jan 2010 2:16pm

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

Oh WOWEE a fabulous image Mariana ~ great tones in the processing

28 Jan 2010 2:25pm

tubby from Singapore, Singapore

Wow this is an excellent portrait. very nice lighting....

28 Jan 2010 2:46pm

fabrizio from Rome, Italy

wow a very impressive actor face!!!! wonderful

28 Jan 2010 2:58pm

Phil from Sausset les Pins, France

Really well done and intresting , Phil.

28 Jan 2010 3:02pm

Reno from Madrid-Paris, Spain

Wow great Mariana! Love the composition of his look playing with the second level...beautyfull contrast!

28 Jan 2010 3:07pm

SOUL AFLAME from The bosom of Mother Nature, United Kingdom

Some of my personal favourites in your portfolio, M, are your wonderful close up portraits, so you'd better believe I love this shot! The way that you capture the 'warts and all' of a face, the lines and wrinkles earned from years on this planet, the momentary glimpse into a persons psyche, fascinate and delight my eyes.

Here (just my interpretation of the scene), it feels almost as though we are seated with the guy on the street, one of our kind, as we face life without a dime or dollar, sleeping where we can, accepting the charity from the few who will gladly give it. We are soul brothers (and sisters), we are defiant and proud, we have seen the world with a realism that few could take, let alone understand. It's such an impressive shot, and again just my opinion, but it's M, at her very best.

28 Jan 2010 3:24pm

@SOUL AFLAME: Thanks lot , Paul ! I feel so much for this old man, who I saw first time last Summer . We talked, and of course I gave him some money. He was so happy that I wanted to take a picture of him . One day I need to print his pictures and give them to him . And , one thing that I admire about him - he is a Poet Writer, but unfortunately on the street .

Rags from Plano, United States

Very nice.

28 Jan 2010 3:38pm

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

I like the lighting and editing in this great portrait

28 Jan 2010 3:45pm

don from spokane, United States

A strong street portrait because of the subject and the contrasty image. That you got to know him, I feel, helped you show him so sensitively. Wonderful expression.

28 Jan 2010 3:52pm

Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

An excellent composition Mariana! The contrast of light and shadow is very good! A character with lots of character in his expression. His beard is very well treated and impressive! Greetings!

28 Jan 2010 3:54pm

sheye from Vancouver, Canada

Exceptional work - idea, composition & treatment.
Award Worthy!

28 Jan 2010 4:08pm

@sheye: many thx . sorry, your link is not here, cannot get back to you ;)

ruimnm from Portugal

A great portrait.
Nice work with light.

28 Jan 2010 4:13pm

shoti from Everywhere in the, Philippines

Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day.
The Allman Brothers Band

his face is full of character. sure it shows some sunshine in it. nice catch Mariana :)

28 Jan 2010 4:14pm

Ekios from Une des iles du salut, Guyana

Impressive work on a superb picture, well done Mariana, congratulations :)

28 Jan 2010 4:16pm

@Ekios: thanks Buddy :))

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

You do amazing work! This such a fine portrait with exceptional processing.

28 Jan 2010 4:32pm

k@ from Paris, France

Superb one ! Black woman in full bright light, White man coming out of the Dark, both inviting a 3rd one in the story : you, they're both looking at, and this arrow-like shadow on the wall pointing his heart/soul delimitating the invisible "zones" of Life, rich/poor, easy/hard, sun/shade. His face seems out of a contemporary fairy/hairy tale : one of my fav pic at your place and, by the way, happy 300th post, Mariana ! ;) (i clicked on Archives by mistake and saw this). A superb one to celebrate !

28 Jan 2010 4:54pm

@k@: Not so many people knows to read a picture like you you do . Many thanks Karine . Your comment makes me really happy, for I see it the same way ! 300th ? I even did not know ! Bravo me !!! Thx for this reminded too ;))

Lyl and Roll from Besançon, France

WOW ! What a light.... in his eyes to !

28 Jan 2010 4:55pm

Louloupix from NEW YORK, United States

Very strong picture.
thank you for this nice portrait.

28 Jan 2010 4:57pm

@Louloupix: thank you for viewing it and leaving a comment .

Tagazou from Montpellier, France

I've already seen this guy before....
Today here the sun is in vacations!

28 Jan 2010 5:07pm

@Tagazou: No, you did not . I took a few pictures of him last Summer but never posted them .

Nina from Haute Loire, France

The main thing is heart to heart and that's what you do Mariana!

28 Jan 2010 5:22pm

@Nina: I am glad you feel it and you feel it the right way :))

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

I love this bright representation of this man--his emotion shining through!

28 Jan 2010 5:35pm

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

It's all been said - speechless!

28 Jan 2010 5:38pm

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

fantastic portrait, title and image

28 Jan 2010 5:42pm

Jean-Louis from France

Superbe portrait avec une lumière exceptionnelle !!
Bravo Mariana !

28 Jan 2010 5:48pm

António Pires from Lisbon, Portugal

Where you saw sunshine, I see sorrow. A great portrait, anyway.

28 Jan 2010 5:52pm

@António Pires: well,we all read the picture on a different way !

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Excellent street portrait ! Very well done :)

28 Jan 2010 6:19pm

Julie from Easton, United States

What a nice portrait! Well done!

28 Jan 2010 7:23pm

faisal from New York City, United States

whoa! very close. haha. this is excellent. the high key is equally great.

28 Jan 2010 8:06pm

ali from tehran, Iran

Very nice photo!!!

28 Jan 2010 8:28pm

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

You have done it again! A GREAT street photograph - full of life and emotion! I like the composition and contrast.

28 Jan 2010 8:32pm

tce76 from Saint Laurent de brèvedent, France

Déjà qu'en toute petite, la vignette paraissait extra, alors en ne te dis pas !
Big up!

28 Jan 2010 8:48pm

ppeut from Lille, France

Agreat portrait, I like the compoosition with the face of this poor man which comes out from the darkness and in the other side people in the full light.

28 Jan 2010 9:30pm

philippe from moselle, France

waouhhh !!! impressionnant, j'adore, une très grande photo !!!!

28 Jan 2010 9:47pm

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

a beautiful portrait of a man apparently spent the time!

28 Jan 2010 9:49pm

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Superb image.

28 Jan 2010 10:45pm

Craig@Random Ramblings from Herts, United Kingdom

Mariana, this is my favourite shot of the day, it really is great street photography. I could go on about it but lets just say I LOVE IT!!! :)

28 Jan 2010 10:56pm

Theys from Charleroi, Belgium

Magnificent portrait of the man,bravo!

28 Jan 2010 11:59pm

Ajay from Pune, India

Superb match of a great portrait and a brilliant perspective.

29 Jan 2010 1:04am

rian from mobile, United States

hmm.. but his eyes seem to be the opposite of happy.. a great candid capture nonetheless.. well done.. :)

29 Jan 2010 1:19am

MK from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where do u find this interesting characters? This is a moving photo, as urs usually r.

29 Jan 2010 1:40am

@MK: they are around you too, but you need to see them :))

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

Excellent portrait!

29 Jan 2010 1:53am

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

great! nice light/shadow play

29 Jan 2010 3:23am

Candid1 from Washington, DC, United States

STUPENDOUS!!!!!! These type of shots are my favorite to do and view too!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

29 Jan 2010 3:42am

jacques robert from Ath, Belgium

very expressive pictures !
Un superbe cadrage qui donne une force incroyable à cette photo !

29 Jan 2010 4:22am

Seraphine from San Francisco, United States

i love that face, mariana. it's so expressive,
not at all like everyone else's faces
(many of which prefer to hide their expressions).
the hard light is very cool too.

29 Jan 2010 4:24am

Charles Dastodd from Chicago, United States

wow!!! absolutely superb, Mariana. I love this so much. he has so much time and experience written into his face. a great capture

29 Jan 2010 4:34am

Joan Felix from Jakarta, Indonesia

Fantastic !!!

29 Jan 2010 9:30am

Stef67 from in my head, France

urban portrait fabuleux, tu as ce regard sur les êtres à nul autre pareil^^

29 Jan 2010 11:17am

Meysam from Montreal, Canada

This is a great shot. Perfectly captured and processed.

29 Jan 2010 1:44pm

Anne from somewhere over the rainbow, France

waouh !!! This one touch me so .... the light is here, in his eyes, in his soul ... and now in my eyes .... Have a great week end dear Mariana !!!

29 Jan 2010 4:13pm

Abraham Siloé from Puebla, Mexico

hey very nice portrait, like it, great job and catch, well done!!!
greets from México

29 Jan 2010 6:48pm

Will from Tokyo, Japan

Really strong portrait here, such an amzing face on the guy, the facial hair and the colour just fits perfectly in with your composition. Very nice shot.

30 Jan 2010 12:45am

Isidro from Barcelona, Spain

excelente retrato urbano, muy buena!

30 Jan 2010 6:38am

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

You used the light well! best...jerry

30 Jan 2010 6:40am

Fusao from Tokyo, Japan

I love it!
fantastic light work.

30 Jan 2010 5:48pm

Albert from Hamburg, Germany

A great street photo! Well done! I like the light and shadows.

31 Jan 2010 9:02am

mike from viols le fort, France

Superbe composition. Le cadrage, la lumière, l'expression du visage, le traitement, la profondeur de champs, tout est réussi. J'aime beaucoup.

31 Jan 2010 6:37pm

Mike from United States

Love this one! Fantastic!

31 Jan 2010 7:12pm

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Let's hope so.

31 Jan 2010 9:28pm

POBSB from Tilburg, Netherlands

grerat shot!

1 Feb 2010 10:27am

sakshi from Boston, United States

Simply superb

1 Feb 2010 5:20pm

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

That beard is all soul!

2 Feb 2010 2:04am

Gonzata from Santiago, Chile

wow!!! great portrait

2 Feb 2010 10:49am

mark / one way photo from London, United Kingdom

The extreme contrast works very well here

2 Feb 2010 1:35pm

Jean-Michel from Herstal, Belgium

This picture has a very great look.

2 Feb 2010 7:12pm

pierrot from Bischoffsheim, France

très beau contraste et premier plan

4 Feb 2010 8:13pm

#1AcePhotog from Portland, United States

Great composition

6 Feb 2010 5:52pm

Tomix from landerneau, France

wonderful composition and expression!

11 Feb 2010 9:25am

saeed from amol, Iran

Brilliant shot , good captured , nice composition and in finally a masterpiece

22 Jun 2010 7:14am

CStaude from Saint Charles, United States

Beautiful shot!

28 Nov 2010 7:07pm

hervelegerelite from putian, China

You are one great photographer! All combined with great creativity and humanity. I know I've said many times (I think) but never mind repeat ... You are a role model for me! Your pictures are all an incredible strength. So it is with your words! I ask you not leave us! It is a pleasure and a great incentive to follow the "red. " With all my love and admiration Happy New Year full of love and life! Cheers! A hug, Adela

8 Jan 2011 7:22am

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Getting old by Pawn

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
1/640 second
ISO 80
6 mm