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fly across the horizon...


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

He is looking very smug like he knows something that we don't. Like how to fly.

5 Jan 2010 5:19am

Seraphine from San Francisco, United States

is that a tiny camera he is holding in his beak?
i bet he has an animus account too,
and you are *his* photograph of the day.
beautifully done, mariana.

5 Jan 2010 5:27am

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

Absolutely brilliant, color, light and focus are awesome!!

5 Jan 2010 5:39am

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Wonderful selective focus and detail. Love the tones. Very nice lighting.

5 Jan 2010 5:40am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

She is looking at us and inviting us to a fantastic journey :)

5 Jan 2010 5:42am

Michael from Shell Village, United Kingdom

Excellent shot, he was just asking to be photographed..!

5 Jan 2010 5:49am

eva from Rouen, France

well done !

5 Jan 2010 5:52am

@eva: thx Eva :)

Jerry - a moment in time [...] from Chicago, United States

unusual but great colors. great shot of that posing gull.

5 Jan 2010 6:28am

PATRICK from miramas, France

wow fantastic capture compo light etc...
have a good day

5 Jan 2010 6:43am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

A perfect 'portrait' of this gull. Looks like he is patiently posing for you.
What lovely crisp clear handling of this image !!

5 Jan 2010 7:00am

Tagazou from Montpellier, France

So proud not to be a donkey!

5 Jan 2010 7:05am

Jean-Luc T. from Juignac, France

Just taking a rest before starting to a very long trip...I would like to fly like a bird.

5 Jan 2010 7:06am

STEED from Gueret, France

Jonathan LIVINGSTONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were in Waterloo ?????????????

5 Jan 2010 7:08am

@STEED: cool :)) thx !!!

NANNE from Netherlands

If I'm on the island of Ameland, I very often make photo's of these birds.
It must be freedom... that appeals to me. Beautiful photo, MARIANA.


5 Jan 2010 7:23am

jeanclaude from st mande 94160, France

le beau jonathan dans toute sa splendeur

5 Jan 2010 7:42am

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

It's giving you the look, watch out!

5 Jan 2010 7:52am

KriKridesign from Cully, Timor-Leste

take care...she don't look so friendly...!

5 Jan 2010 7:56am

Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

Wonderful selective focus and color... sturnning photo Mariana!

5 Jan 2010 7:57am

Jean-Louis from Nîmes, France

Très fière sur son piedestal !!!
Joli traitement !
Bonne journée à toi .

5 Jan 2010 8:25am

Robert Kruh from Slovenia

Unusual colours tones here, but I love this shot!

5 Jan 2010 8:26am

macgo from Spain

La foto es excelente pero no te miraba con buenos ojos

5 Jan 2010 8:35am

Patrick from Belgium

Jonathan Livingstone ...?
Have a good day.

5 Jan 2010 8:41am

Makan from Iran

A great symbol of life and freedom ~V~
Love the eye contact on this one, the bird's eyes are focused and his heart wants to say something to someone but he can't.
Have something you want to say to me? You might ask him.

5 Jan 2010 8:41am

@Makan: I know what he would ask you :)) Would you share some food with me , and then fly with me nowhere ... ;))

Richard Standley from Carquefou, France

Great capture. Light and tones are superb!

5 Jan 2010 8:44am

Gerda Bergsma from Netherlands

Great pic! I love it! It does remind me of holiday!

5 Jan 2010 8:53am

El pare from Prepirineu, Spain

This sea bird is having a break before go, but... it has seen a camera and... wants to show a good image. Well done.

5 Jan 2010 8:58am

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Hi Mariana, he took a beautiful posing for the photo, it only needs a smile! Splendid! Good day.

5 Jan 2010 9:11am

Pedro Callealta from Cádiz, Spain

Has conseguido unos buenos blancos. ¡Qué poquito me gusta la mirada de estos bichos! Buena foto.

5 Jan 2010 9:52am

Nina from Haute Loire, France

He strikes a pose for the photographer! Nice light!

5 Jan 2010 10:02am

tataray from St Laurs, France

Il joue la star ...
Très lumineux.
Bon mardi.

5 Jan 2010 10:28am

fabrizio from Rome, Italy

wonderful capture in a superb light

5 Jan 2010 10:44am

Mostafa from Tehran, Iran

amazing shot, very nice

5 Jan 2010 10:46am

Morten Pedersen from Norway

Nice colour tone.

5 Jan 2010 10:50am

AG from London, United Kingdom

Michael summed it well - seagulls to have that commanding look of self-assurance about them. Born survivors and the sallow tones seem to emphasize that in some way.

5 Jan 2010 11:10am

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

beautiful capt, I like the tones

5 Jan 2010 11:35am

Pomme from France

Belle prise :)

5 Jan 2010 11:55am

Manel from Girona, Spain

Nice contrast. Exellent photo!!

5 Jan 2010 12:20pm

Jaap from Friesland, Netherlands

Great shot, nice light and colors.

5 Jan 2010 12:29pm

Olivier from Hainaut, Belgium

wonderful capture!

5 Jan 2010 12:38pm

DaveB from Exeter, United Kingdom

Great framing and lighting in this one!

5 Jan 2010 12:53pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Careful Mariana, I think he is either giving you the evil eye or he thinks you may be a possibility for dinner.... ;-))))

5 Jan 2010 1:11pm

bekkah from Pennsylvania, United States

ha! 'are you talkin' to me???'...wonderful tones and clarity!!

5 Jan 2010 1:28pm

Oscar from Espira de l'Agly, France

I have almost the same. I plubish de next months

Nice shot

5 Jan 2010 1:52pm

mohkum from Muscat, Oman

Lovely take with good lighting and post processing!

5 Jan 2010 2:19pm

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

They always seem to realize their beauty and pose:-)

5 Jan 2010 2:26pm

don from spokane, United States

He's making a fine pose for your shot. He does look rather smug! I like how you've maintained visibility in the shadowed side of his face and body. Well done.

5 Jan 2010 2:43pm

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

This one has some you have food in his sight? Because he's about to charge at you. :)

5 Jan 2010 3:05pm

Julia from Munich, Germany

nice shot...

5 Jan 2010 3:48pm

Selro from 12500, Spain

jajaja, hey brother, now, I understand what the "Let's fly together"

5 Jan 2010 3:51pm

@Selro: sure, it is always better having company :)))

Shahryar from Isfahan, Iran

nice shot :)

5 Jan 2010 3:51pm

Lillee from -, United States

Great job, he/she does look a little smug like don commented.

5 Jan 2010 4:00pm

@Lillee: I do not know .. any seagull looks the same to me ;))

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

Great capture Mariana, looks as though he knew you were taking the shot & put on his BEST pose

5 Jan 2010 4:01pm

@LESLIE: actually a few girls were sitting across him, EATING , that is why he was posing and waiting for some food ;))) Was not hard for me to catch hm properly :) Thx Leslie

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

Beautiful tone! best...jerry

5 Jan 2010 4:06pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

This guy is definitely looking for a handout. They are always hungry it seems. This is a super portrait perfectly framed and processed.

5 Jan 2010 4:07pm

@Steve Rice: always hungry , right !!!

Tomix from landerneau, France

my favorite bird with ducks! the light + your processing make his beautiful white feathers in values!

5 Jan 2010 4:20pm

Christel from Köln, Germany

Good afternoon Mariana
I like it very well, what I see. The slight green sheen in the water gives a nice background for the seagull. It is all very well expressed. I wish you a beautiful day and health and give you 5 stars *****
Dear greetings Christel

5 Jan 2010 4:22pm

Garfield from Ancaster Ontario, Canada

Posing for a very nice shot! Like the background!

5 Jan 2010 4:31pm

mseguid from Es Castell-Menorca-I Balears, Spain

Beautiful portrait of this gull. I like the processing of this image !!

5 Jan 2010 4:41pm

MK from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I guess those over 50 comments have already said it all. At the risk of repeating it again let me tell u that I love the lighting n color contrast. Well done

5 Jan 2010 4:48pm

@MK: thx MK :) Everyone reads a picture on a different way and it is always cool to see what others see interesting , nice, bad.....etc in one picture !

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Very nice image, great tones.

5 Jan 2010 5:01pm

Theys from Charleroi, Belgium

well done , great capture Mariana

5 Jan 2010 5:02pm

SOUL AFLAME from The bosom of Mother Nature, United Kingdom

" OK M, you can take a couple of shots of me, but make sure you get my best side won't you. Have you got any bread by the way? ". What a lovely portrait, that face is rather magnificent.

5 Jan 2010 5:08pm

philippe from dijon, France

Joli portrait....... bien vu bravo !

5 Jan 2010 5:10pm

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Like the tint very much

5 Jan 2010 5:12pm

Bo Strömberg from Vessigebro, Sweden

Nice portrait of a birdy personality!

5 Jan 2010 5:58pm

Chris,B from Netherlands

Excellent shot

5 Jan 2010 6:07pm

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

great catch, framing and lighting

5 Jan 2010 6:12pm

Val37 from Tours, France

un regard qui dit : n'approchez pas c'est mon territoire ! Belle photo ! Bonne soirée !

5 Jan 2010 6:18pm

alice from Arradon Golfe du Morbihan, France

Hi boy!

5 Jan 2010 6:19pm

Marie-Jezaria from Paris, France

Great golden processing for this extraordinary capture !
Hum... I would like fly to ! :-)
Compliments for this superb shot and 5* !!!

5 Jan 2010 6:26pm

Bernard from Belberaud, France

he definitively looks angry
brilliant capture and tones
take care
My Feelings

5 Jan 2010 6:31pm

Tracey from Maryland, United States

He looks angry ;0)

5 Jan 2010 6:32pm

Antoine from France

Wow. Superb capture and it's a very good composition. Have a lovely day Mariana.

5 Jan 2010 6:42pm

@Antoine: thanks a lot my friend :))

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

Looks a bit angry... Well seen and captured!

5 Jan 2010 7:03pm

@MadScientist: bird as a bird . angry ? never .. just hungry :)) people are mad and angry, birds never ;))

jelb from France

A nice composition..Beautiful reflection..Happy new year!

5 Jan 2010 7:12pm

faisal from New York City, United States

its looking directly at you!

5 Jan 2010 7:14pm

Álvaro from Cascais, Portugal

Beautiful capture. The bird seems to like photography.

5 Jan 2010 7:23pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Great shot.

5 Jan 2010 7:30pm

Peter Knoop from Antwerp, Belgium

Well captured. And I love the tones. Great work!

5 Jan 2010 7:37pm

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

Nice photo, i like also the bokeh and the golden processing in the photo.

5 Jan 2010 7:46pm

Isidro from Barcelona, Spain

bella captura, un color y encuadre excelente!!

5 Jan 2010 8:24pm

Mhélène from Paris, France

Beautiful ! A great light and so neat !

5 Jan 2010 8:38pm

Paul van der Meer from Valkenswaard, Netherlands

strong and excellent shot, well done!

5 Jan 2010 8:54pm

Simply Col from Winnipeg, Canada

Love the capture of light here and the subtle tones of the background. He definitely looks as if he has something to say.

5 Jan 2010 9:12pm

*MЯG* from Tehran, Iran

its very cool

5 Jan 2010 9:13pm

jeff (aka dogilicious) from Millerstown, PA, United States

Love the tones in this. Great work.

5 Jan 2010 9:30pm

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

should have been " flying back"! it was there just for your taking the picture, a special favorite!

5 Jan 2010 10:06pm

David Nos from Barcelona, Spain

Nice portrait, this seagull seems to be very cooperative in this picture!

5 Jan 2010 10:18pm

K.B.R from Switzerland

I love her look, as if he poses especially for you

5 Jan 2010 10:19pm

steve-stefedesign from Liverpool, United Kingdom

strong light! Really brings out the features......

5 Jan 2010 10:55pm

sakshi from Boston, United States

Whoa it's such a striking contrast of colours...amazing shot

5 Jan 2010 11:13pm

manel from Girona, Spain

Preciosa. Parece estar diciendo : ¿Has terminado ya?.

5 Jan 2010 11:56pm

@manel: thx Manel for all your comments :))

Meysam from Montreal, Canada

It's a fantastic shot. Every technical aspect is mastered perfectly. Pure art.

6 Jan 2010 12:14am

Joan Felix from Jakarta, Indonesia

Excellent shot

6 Jan 2010 12:19am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Beautiful clarity, detail and tones captured here. The look the seagull is giving you is quite sten. :-)

6 Jan 2010 12:26am

Terral from Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

Berautiful lighting, awesome capture.

6 Jan 2010 12:36am

Lynn from United States

Beautiful Mariana...lovely tones and nicely composed :))

6 Jan 2010 12:52am

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

people are mad and angry, birds never - Sure they do, think of Donald Duck! :-D

6 Jan 2010 1:06am

alex centrella from California, United States

a great capture !

6 Jan 2010 1:14am

Ajay from Pune, India

He seems to be looking straight into your eyes as if he sat there for you to take a shot.

6 Jan 2010 1:15am

Gina from Azores, Portugal

Beautiful bird.Nice composition

6 Jan 2010 2:17am

uvaraj from New Jersey, United States

beautiful DOF for the background and stunning crisp shot of the bird. like the inclusion of wood element. really nice work :)

6 Jan 2010 2:36am

rian from mobile, United States

looks like it spotted you, be prepared with your bread crumbs.. :)

6 Jan 2010 2:41am

Brian Chen from Seattle, WA, United States

a very nice and SHARP shot, that seagull looks like its about to attack!

6 Jan 2010 2:51am

Mike from United States

Nice! great contrast that makes the gull stand out. Love that gold tone!

6 Jan 2010 3:40am

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

Love the light, and the way the background makes the seagull stand out so nicely.

6 Jan 2010 4:27am

ppeut from Lille, France

A very beautiful picture, I like the colours and the light.

6 Jan 2010 6:18pm