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"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Yvon from Orleans, France

fabulous shot, terrefic contrast of occidental way of live
have a nice day, Mariana

14 Oct 2009 5:24am

Chris Pereira from San Jose, CA, United States

great juxtaposition here. I love it. Comparing those who spend money on extravagant outfits, and those who spend what little money they have on the clothes that they wear on their back. great shot.

14 Oct 2009 5:31am

Scott F. Schilling from San Martin, United States

Wow, this is amazing work and as said above juxtaposition and/or irony! Wonderful shot!

14 Oct 2009 5:46am

Seraphine from San Francisco, United States

haha. i love store windows. i was very much enjoying
the chair and the mannequins, that i almost stepped on
the poor guy sunning himself. beautiful shot mariana!

14 Oct 2009 5:48am

@Seraphine: oh, please, never step on him ;))

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Darn, Chris and Scott already got to use the word 'juxtaposition, which is partly what is so wonderful about this image. Such perfect clarity here. And rich inky black blacks. Love this !!!

14 Oct 2009 5:54am

Oscar from Espira, France

Good contrast, i like this photo because the black and white is very good processing.
Sorry for my English, is very bad.

14 Oct 2009 6:13am

@Oscar: never sorry or excuse yourself for bad English . it is your second language ;))

roy from ostend, Belgium

What a master shot, something to keep. Contrasts of rich and poor
ps...The seem here like Oscar ;-(

14 Oct 2009 6:20am

@roy: don't you know how many people on this Earth speak more than 1 language :)) everything is fine :))

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Hi Mariana, Wonderful picture, the contrast is striking. Nice day.

14 Oct 2009 6:53am

Jean-Luc from Lyon, France

the contrast is terrible , and the "light" don't get everybody on earth ! your somptuous pic is a deep symbol. Even with fever , u still have the right eyes ;)

Hope u feel better , have a sparkle day !

14 Oct 2009 7:00am

@Jean-Luc: thanks my B :)) I do feel a little bit better ;) still do not work anything but playing with pictures home ;)

Sidney from Manilla, Philippines

Excellent! Strong image !

14 Oct 2009 7:01am

STEED from Gueret, France


14 Oct 2009 7:05am

PATRICK from miramas, France

fantastic capture!!!

14 Oct 2009 7:28am

@PATRICK: thanks Patrick ;)

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Beautiful and dramatic catch. Amaizing contrast of lives.

14 Oct 2009 7:32am

@Vitor Martins: that is life :)) thx !

Ekios from Une des Iles du Salut, Guyana

Fashion victim of time.

14 Oct 2009 7:36am

Reiner from Brensbach, Germany

The contrast could hardly be starker. Very well spotted and executed.

14 Oct 2009 7:36am

Mhélène from Paris, France

A great shot !

14 Oct 2009 7:54am

Nina from Haute Loire, France

As and when the picture takes place (as in a movie) our mind adapts the top of the image and then lower the contrast is striking! Strong message! Very nice picture!

14 Oct 2009 8:01am

Faramarz from Tehran, Iran

superb shot.

14 Oct 2009 8:13am

Ana Marušić from växjö, Sweden

LOVE THIS SHOT MARIANA! Would like to have it on my wall:), very well composed and deep

14 Oct 2009 8:30am

@Ana Marušić: why ? to think of poverty ? NO ! You are very young girl - you need a young couple kissing poster on your wall ;)

Eldiablo from Les Issambres, France

alors là tu fais très très fort !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Oct 2009 8:37am

Brian Chen from Seattle, WA, United States

Good eye, what a frame! It looks as if the man sleeping there is dreaming of what is above.

14 Oct 2009 8:40am

@Brian Chen: who knows what was his intention when found that place for sleeping ... a few days later I saw and shoted him in front of Euro grocery store !

oncho from granada, Spain

Dos fotos en una, buenisima foto, contraste bastante claro, gran trabajo

14 Oct 2009 8:43am

Nazzareno from Rome, Italy

Terrefic, strong contrast between luxury and poverty.
Great shot Mariana!

14 Oct 2009 9:01am

roeb from rotterdam, Netherlands

ha! finally one again without the toolbox! (well a little)

ai to heiwa

14 Oct 2009 9:04am

@roeb: why are you so against Post processing ? It is fun for me :)) NO ?

Pierre from Belgium

still a strong contrast

14 Oct 2009 9:14am

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

cool shot!!!

14 Oct 2009 9:53am

Arconte from Madrid, Spain

Well done!!
I love/hate the irony of your picture...

14 Oct 2009 10:36am

@Arconte: that is life !!!

mirela from brighton, United States

tremendous photo! and a wonderful find!

14 Oct 2009 11:18am

Fred from Manila, Philippines

You WOW me once again Mariana with the sense and concept in your photos. Very nice timing, lighting, and composition. BRAVO!!!

14 Oct 2009 11:21am

@Fred: thx Fred !

eme chiquilla from córdoba, Spain

awesome documentary in black and white! perfectly done!
my surprised has been that at first sight, my screen was only showing me the first half of your shot, which was only the shop window, and then i scrolled down to coment the hight quality of your black and white and then: WOWWWW! i found your whole outstanding social documentary :) kudos!

14 Oct 2009 11:34am

@eme chiquilla: thx Eme :)

David Nos from Barcelona, Spain

You have nicely captured this curious scene, another beautiful black and white picture with interesting content!!

14 Oct 2009 11:39am

shoti from Everywhere in the, Philippines

brilliant. very brilliant. the contrast of the elements in the frame is immense: aristocracy above, untouchables below. perfect illustration of our social system today.

14 Oct 2009 11:45am

@shoti: right, agree with you, Shoti :)) many thanks ;)

crash from Weehawken NJ, United States

nice contrasts ... before i scrolled down the page it seemed so glamorous!

14 Oct 2009 11:49am

Fusao from Tokyo, Japan

You really cut out a wonderful scene of city.
wonderful B&W photo. I love it.

14 Oct 2009 11:49am

Marcie from Newton, United States

Wonderful juxtaposition of social class. Great eye!

14 Oct 2009 11:52am

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan Maybe he needs j o b rather than j b u .

14 Oct 2009 12:44pm

@Hiro: well, it is not easy to get one ... even to pick up a garbage you need to have a brother for recommendation ;)

nasim from Brisbane, Australia

great capture...

14 Oct 2009 1:00pm

Lougris from Toulouse, France

very good !! life style !!!
A world separates the height and the bottom(stocking) of the image.
Seen well!

14 Oct 2009 1:01pm

Manuela M from Rennes, France

Deux réalités qui s'opposent!! Elle est très d'actualité cette photo!!
Les coulisses de la rue...
Belle journée.

14 Oct 2009 1:04pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Great capture, this is profound on so many levels.

14 Oct 2009 1:09pm

@Ralph Jones: thx Ralph :)

mohkum from Muscat, Oman

Great shot, a meaningful pause! Love the tones!

14 Oct 2009 1:13pm

fabrizio from Rome, Italy

superb shot different viewpoints same unic life very very nice

14 Oct 2009 1:34pm

JoeB from Brampton, Canada

The light from light to dark really suits the whole atmosphere.

14 Oct 2009 1:47pm

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

Fabulous shot Mariana - showing the life as it really is ... Love the B &W processing and the reflections in the window is an added bonus .
p.s. hope the flu is a little better today ..::..

14 Oct 2009 1:49pm

@LESLIE: thx Leslie .. yes, I am a little bit better ;)) uh that ugly flue ;)

xavier cardell from menorca-barcelona, Spain

Great BW. A picture with a story, very strong!

14 Oct 2009 2:16pm from Iran

WoW nice co,position and great B&W,i like it so much

14 Oct 2009 2:21pm

ghetu from Mainly Mumbai, India

bravo. very very strong photo. bravo.

14 Oct 2009 2:25pm

jean-pierre from Romans, France

bonjour Mariana . il a bien choisi son emplacement . bien vu . bises

14 Oct 2009 2:31pm

'Paul from Minneapolis, United States

fabulous shot .. loaded with irony.. great street scene shot here!

14 Oct 2009 2:39pm

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Oh my such a strong image! What a scene you've spotted and captured!!!

14 Oct 2009 2:44pm

thami from Morocco

Excellent! Belle démenti apporté aux rêves et aux illusions entretenus par la société de consommation...
Bonne après midi lumineuse!

14 Oct 2009 2:48pm

Pepe Villanueva Cabrera from Cuidad de Antipolo, Philippines

I like it! how ironic, isn't it?

14 Oct 2009 2:52pm

@Pepe Villanueva Cabrera: very :((

don from United States

A strong capture of an interesting slice of life from the street. The high contrast processing fits the image very nicely.

14 Oct 2009 3:00pm

Thea from Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Lol..these stupid dolls there..sad that on the street underneath the situation seems less funny..
Great shot though Mariana!

14 Oct 2009 3:12pm

John from Eureka, United States

Reminds of photographs taken during the depression of the 1930s. I think this photograph will have historical value.

14 Oct 2009 3:15pm

@John: 1930 or 2009 - maybe the same :( thx John !

Val37 from Tours, France

Great shoot !

14 Oct 2009 3:21pm

Ashish Sidapara from Singapore, Singapore

Beautiful street shot, love the contrast.

14 Oct 2009 3:25pm

Morten Pedersen from Norway

We all do live differents life.

14 Oct 2009 3:32pm

Josh from New York, United States

I love the contrast of the subjects

14 Oct 2009 3:32pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

To risk being repetitive, what a "juxtaposition." And your choice of monochrome is perfect for displaying strong contrasting tones. When I opened this up, the bottom was hidden and only revealed itself when I scrolled down to comment. I originally was going to say that I really like the reflections. Maybe the jbu lifestyle is nothing more than a shadow for the woman below.

14 Oct 2009 3:52pm

Marlowe from Le Havre, France

And the man dreams ...

14 Oct 2009 4:03pm

Ajay from Pune, India

Brilliant contrast at work. Very well presented.

14 Oct 2009 4:08pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A strong image and a strong statement! I love those very rich blacks and the wonderful contrast. Cool reflections too. Brilliant!

14 Oct 2009 4:15pm

Mike from United States

What an astounding shot! The composition is flawless and the editorial is fantastic! Marvelous work M.

14 Oct 2009 4:27pm

@Mike: thanks Mike :)

António Pires from Lisbon, Portugal

Well seen.

14 Oct 2009 4:31pm

Aine Ilina from Selangor, Malaysia

love the compositons and reflection on the glass! =)

14 Oct 2009 4:35pm

Laurent from Lyon, France

very good contrast. Unfortunately a truly actual life style issue

14 Oct 2009 4:48pm

Bishop from Houston, United States

A study in contrasts - in tones as well as the subject matter! beautiful! :)

14 Oct 2009 4:52pm

Marie-Jezaria from Paris, France

Excellent !!
The contrast between two words... one for the futility and the other one more crual !
That's the life.... and this capture is the evidence of the actual life difficulties for a lot of people...
Well done ! Bravo !

14 Oct 2009 5:07pm

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Such a capture of paradoxes! Nice contrasts here and I love the reflection in the window.

14 Oct 2009 5:20pm

Jean-Louis from Nîmes, France

Pour le 71e com. ils ont tot dit mais je dirais quand même que ta photo
est sublîme et ton N&B est superbe !!!

14 Oct 2009 5:30pm

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Wonderful comment on rich and poor. The homeless man having no lifestyle at all or at best, a wretched one.

14 Oct 2009 5:34pm

Alun from cheshire, United Kingdom

very well seen, nice one

14 Oct 2009 5:34pm

Blackdog from London, United Kingdom

I wonder if he realised the irony of his choice of window to bed down under. I thought it was two photos at first - great juxtaposition and a message to us all to realise just how fortunate we are.

14 Oct 2009 5:38pm

Richard Trim from Leicester, United Kingdom

Some random thoughts Mariana:
The juxture position compositionaly works well ... and photographers love to use it.
I do wonder how people respond when they see a photograph like this. I have a gut feeling that they breath a sigh of relief and mutter '' ... and there for the grace of God go I.'' After all misfortune can hit you from any direction and of course out of the blue.
Unfortunately I do believe that for a lot of society it's 'out of sight and out of mind.'
I also reckon that the guy knew exactly what he was doing and astutely lay down in front of the store window to project an economic/social/political statement .

As an aside I used the idea of people like this in a series that I posted starting back on Sept 26th '08 (page13 of my archive ) but I was suggesting a slightly different concept from yours.

By the way I like your image it works well and of course black and white was/is essential.


14 Oct 2009 5:46pm

@Richard Trim: Thx Richard . I viewed your Page 13th . Impressive , very impressive . I left some thought. I find it is very hard to talk of photographs like these . We are all different, differently viewing pictures, differently feeling ... I can tell that for sure after reading now all these comments / thoughts !

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

a strong, beautiful apposition between luxury and poverty, an image which alas is more and more of our quotidient!

14 Oct 2009 6:14pm

Stephane Themeze from Maryland, United States

He's just waiting for the store to open to get to that better spot. His tux hidden inside his bag.
A "classic" saddening view created with semi-consciousness on his part I figure.

14 Oct 2009 6:19pm

@Stephane Themeze: ys.. yes.. i wish so :))

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Interesting contrast with life on the streets.

14 Oct 2009 6:43pm

Lydie & Roland from France

2 worlds are meeting there... reality and futility.. Nice ly done !

14 Oct 2009 6:46pm

kaveh Sadeghi-Azad from TEHRAN, Iran

superb shot!

14 Oct 2009 6:47pm

pernilla from Andonno, Italy

Very strong picture! Great contrast between two worlds.
Excellent b&W.
Is it one or two pictures?

14 Oct 2009 7:20pm

@pernilla: one picture only :) thanks Pernilla :)

faisal from New York City, United States

brilliant capture of the juxtaposition of life.

14 Oct 2009 7:23pm

Stef67 from in my head, France

fantastique mariana, du grand là.........................j adore ^^

14 Oct 2009 7:33pm

@Stef67: thx Stef :))

Dawn from Maryland, United States

Wow what a perfect capture Mariana!!! Amazing shot!

14 Oct 2009 7:34pm

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Great street shots, nice contrast!

14 Oct 2009 7:41pm

Reno from Madrid, Spain

Very great and human picture...human not only just because of your eye, but because of the type of reaction it makes when displaying the picture here; just like when you are in the street!!

14 Oct 2009 8:23pm

françoisedu80 from France

Hello Mariana,
Juste une vitre en verre qui sépare deux mondes .
Bises .

14 Oct 2009 8:32pm

@françoisedu80: Hey there. Thanks and please - leave a link of your site :))

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

very coool b/w! different ways to live and different ways to display...

14 Oct 2009 8:37pm

Isidro from Barcelona, Spain

excelente composición! un b&w perfecto para mi, saludos!

14 Oct 2009 8:39pm

mohammad_hosein from Tehran, Iran

amazing ! amazing !
great image !

14 Oct 2009 9:01pm

mohammad_hosein from Tehran, Iran

i love this work !

14 Oct 2009 9:01pm

@mohammad_hosein: many thanks Mohammad :)

manel from Girona, Spain

Buen documento, Mariana.

14 Oct 2009 9:17pm

Ben from Lyon, France

Terrifiant !!

14 Oct 2009 9:24pm

R.J.Dee from Ettlingen, Germany

I'm sure he doesn't give a damn about jbu ... fine capture !

14 Oct 2009 10:13pm

@R.J.Dee: Agreed with you :)

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Looks to be quite a relaxing style!

14 Oct 2009 10:30pm

@Earnest: for this man too ? I think you missed him :)

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

I have seen the nice window shopping first and then the homeless when scrolling. It gives such a different atmosphere... Great contrast.

15 Oct 2009 12:24am

John Maslowski from Dallas, PA, United States

Powerful message here, such an elegant and luxurious window display and yet a human being is allowed to sleep in the gutter. Would PETA allow a dog to lie in a gutter?

15 Oct 2009 12:29am

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

wonderfully found, seen and captured -- the world is full of so many nonsensical truths... bravo for keeping your eye to the ground!! :)

15 Oct 2009 12:58am

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Well done. The social order is now so out of whack that it is demanding a radical adjustment.

15 Oct 2009 1:50am

Lynn from United States

Very sad indeed...but reality hits hard!!! Great capture and nicely composed :))

15 Oct 2009 2:08am

Liang from San Francisco, United States

the homeless have their own kind of lifestyle too. =]

15 Oct 2009 2:22am

Krista from Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Wonderful shot! The contrasting lifestyles is amazing!

15 Oct 2009 2:43am

Bram Antareja from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia

beautiful foto and beautiful moment....i love it // Regards from Yogyakarta city, Indonesia //

15 Oct 2009 3:15am

@Bram Antareja: thx Bram :))

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Great urban document. The photo has a strenght that defies the habit of looking scenes like this in our western citues. Very well framed, no place for other distracting details. Very good, Mariana.

15 Oct 2009 4:16am

LightningPaul from Brugge, Belgium

Great image! Fantastic CONTRASTS: in light, tones and theme.

15 Oct 2009 12:34pm

grant from kansas city, United States

well done, for all the reasons already mentioned.

15 Oct 2009 5:40pm

Albert from Hamburg, Germany

This is super motive! You the photo stronger with your BW conversion! Good job!

15 Oct 2009 6:18pm

Linda from Riga/Sigulda, Latvia

oh. what contrasts. great

15 Oct 2009 6:50pm

Papalopoctli from D.F., Mexico

A strong contrast is more powerful than being in black and white. Congratulations on your excellent photo!

15 Oct 2009 11:39pm

Tomix from landerneau, France

awesome capture! he is dreaming to be on the armchair with the 2 girls on his knees :))

16 Oct 2009 4:28pm

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

The top half could have made a great image just on its own, but the whole adds up to create a powerful message. Brilliant!

16 Oct 2009 9:35pm

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

Superb. The effect was coming when scrolling down, excellent!

16 Oct 2009 11:20pm

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

I like the play between the empty chair and the man at the bottom. Like a King, he can sleep anywhere he likes! Nice shot.

17 Oct 2009 12:30am

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

Priceless. Brilliant! Outstanding! Love this *****

17 Oct 2009 1:32am

jpla from St Barthélémy d'Anjou, France

Quelle composition !

17 Oct 2009 8:42am

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

Elegance and the dream we all dream meets real life. Brilliant composition!

17 Oct 2009 12:35pm

Aurore from Paris, France

Powerful shot !! Brilliant composition as Bluechameleon said !

3 Nov 2009 10:02am