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I Need $1


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Chris Pereira from San Jose, CA, United States

great use of flash, and not having them look at the camera. You see some interesting ones in san francisco, one time i saw a sign that said "I need money for pot and beer."

7 Oct 2009 5:04am

Morten Pedersen from Norway

Lovely picture with bright lights on the faces from the flash.

7 Oct 2009 5:45am

Yvon from Orleans, France

very nice shot

7 Oct 2009 5:46am

Jean-Luc T from Charente, France

Interesting shot. "They need..." Enjoy your day.

7 Oct 2009 5:51am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

A provocative shot...looks like everyone is in a pretty good mood in this one. Nice lighting.

7 Oct 2009 6:19am

Nazzareno from Rome, Italy

Hi Mariana,
Wonderful 'street' scene and colors .
The photo and the motive are brilliant!Well done.

7 Oct 2009 6:25am

rem_la from Villiers, France

belle scene de rue !

7 Oct 2009 6:28am

Jean-Luc from Lyon, France

beautiful expression in their faces, even with their sad a paradox ! a deep street shot night , misery is everywhere, but not in your imagination ...
Enjoy you day , Mariana

7 Oct 2009 6:29am

@Jean-Luc: I also think they were having a fun on the street and with a policeman who is right there and they are talking to :)

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Great street shot, nice colours!

7 Oct 2009 6:54am

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Nice catch of a dramatic situation.

7 Oct 2009 7:32am

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Hi Mariana, poverty is everywhere in the world even in civilized countries said, it's nice to remember. Beautiful moving picture. Good day.

7 Oct 2009 7:39am

Mike from Lichfield, United Kingdom

An excellent street shot.

7 Oct 2009 7:42am

Mhélène from Paris, France

A great street shot !

7 Oct 2009 7:42am

pernilla from Andonno, Italy

Excellent capture of life! Great use of flash.

7 Oct 2009 8:11am

Nina from Haute Loire, France

Beautiful street scene strong message and intensity ... White-collar workers may have less of expression!

7 Oct 2009 8:36am

Ana Marušić from växjö, Sweden

very nice, close and clear image. Kind of strange that they look happy in a way!

7 Oct 2009 8:37am

Ekios from Une des trois iles du Salut., Guyana

Am i the only one who think that the left guy looks like Spielberg ? ;)

7 Oct 2009 8:42am

@Ekios: Blue jacket guy is a Russian, former University professor of Russian language . and yes, you are right - he looks like Steven Spielberg :))

roy from Belgium

Its a brilliant shot,
the flash did it just good.

7 Oct 2009 8:43am

Oscar from espira, France

Everybody needs 1$. Great colours.

7 Oct 2009 8:48am

thami from Morocco

Saisissant portrait des laissés pour compte...
Que ton mercredi soit lumineux!

7 Oct 2009 9:07am

Richard Standley from Carquefou, France

Very nicely observed and so well captured!

7 Oct 2009 9:08am

Anina from Auckland, New Zealand

Great shot! I like the light and composition.

7 Oct 2009 9:09am

Mirjam from Kiev, Ukraine

A nice picture

7 Oct 2009 9:58am

MrsAmber from West Wickham, United Kingdom

Lighting is just right in this shot..and a good story too.

7 Oct 2009 10:05am

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

cool shot

7 Oct 2009 10:30am

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Great capture. I am wondering if this photo cost you a loonie?

7 Oct 2009 11:09am

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

They are using very big sign in your country, It must be very difficult to live outside in winter... Nice candid!

7 Oct 2009 11:28am

@akarui: they had a shopping carts with three huge signs .. one - I need $1 , the other - I need $5 , and third one - I need $10 to buy a gas to go back to work ! Blue jacket gut is Russian, former university professor of Russian language in Toronto :)

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Most interesting photo... I won't make judgments on an unknown personal story..

7 Oct 2009 11:47am

fabrizio perelli from Roma, Italy

vey nice photo of live street

7 Oct 2009 11:49am

R.J.Dee from Ettlingen, Germany

very modest ... not to compare with "gimme five" !

7 Oct 2009 12:01pm

@R.J.Dee: they have that sign too, and another one - I need $10 :))

Marcie from Newton, United States

Nice street image. Love the clarity and light.

7 Oct 2009 12:01pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Well seen and captured Mariana! So much need out there..... ;-)

7 Oct 2009 12:11pm

Dawn from Maryland, United States

He looks needy and greedy. Awesome capture!!

7 Oct 2009 12:23pm

Lougris from Toulouse, France

A photo of the everyday life of SDF...

7 Oct 2009 12:29pm

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

great street shot my friend!

7 Oct 2009 12:41pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

I'm confused. They need $1 (or 5, or 10), but they are looking fine.

7 Oct 2009 1:23pm

@Hiro: they need a Thousand, if possible a few millions on Lottery :))

shoti from Everywhere in the, Philippines

humorous and tragic at the same time. looks like they're affected by the recent market crash, and they look quite clean for people needing 1, 5 or 10$ hehehe

7 Oct 2009 1:31pm

rian from mobile, United States

..well, you gotta work for it.. ;) at least they look like good guys.. :D

that's one nice night street capture.. nice work.. :)

7 Oct 2009 1:34pm

Val37 from Tours, France

A great scene of life

7 Oct 2009 1:38pm

David Nos from Barcelona, Spain

Interesting picture, showing how much poverty there is in the world.

7 Oct 2009 1:41pm

Paul from Singapore, Singapore

they look pretty amusing, interesting street shot :)

7 Oct 2009 1:51pm

@Paul: sure, amuzing while talking to a policeman :)) good for me policeman did not see me , thx Paul :)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

An excellent street shot.

7 Oct 2009 2:44pm

Stephane Themeze from Maryland, United States

That's a team! Two for One and one for all. Street life it is 2!

7 Oct 2009 3:03pm

ryse from bordeaux, France

Une photo qui réflète très bien la pauvreté dans le monde.
Aux quatre coins de la planète on peut voir la même scène.... c'est assez triste et dramatique.
Il y a toujours eu des pauvres et des riches et à mon humble avis ce n'est pas près de changer.
Joli cliché du quotidien Mariana.

7 Oct 2009 3:06pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Fine composition. Terrific lighting.

7 Oct 2009 3:15pm

Philippe from Bangkok, Thailand

woow, very nice street picture ..., i like a lot

7 Oct 2009 3:34pm

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Eye and mind catching! Enjoy the feel of spontaneity!

7 Oct 2009 3:49pm

mohkum from Muscat, Oman

Very interesting shot! Nice use of flash here

7 Oct 2009 3:57pm

jean-pierre from Romans, France

bonjour Mariana . une nouvelle tranche de vie quotidienne . très bel éclairage de cette scène . bise

7 Oct 2009 4:09pm

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

So after they collected a total of $1.00 they left? Or is that their minimum donation requirement these days? ;-) An interesting capture of expression from the guy on the right.

7 Oct 2009 4:19pm

Heinz from Hamm, Germany

Die Situation sehr gut eingefangen.
Danke für den Kommentar.
Gruß Heinz

7 Oct 2009 4:26pm

Marie-Jezaria from Paris, France

The miserery is everywhere...
Great compo's for an international way of life for a lot of people..
It's difficult to have a correct life with this crise who's touch everybody...
Well done !

7 Oct 2009 4:52pm

B.Held from Santa Fe, United States

a very eye-opening shot.

7 Oct 2009 5:18pm

Eldiablo from over the rainbow, Monaco

superbe photo !!!

7 Oct 2009 5:54pm

mohammad_hosein from Tehran, Iran

nice !!
very beatiful

7 Oct 2009 5:57pm

manel from Girona, Spain

Magnífico, pero triste documento de calle. Por desgracia se ve por cualquier lugar de este mundo...

7 Oct 2009 6:19pm

Mostafa from Tehran, Iran

nice shot,i wish i could help him

7 Oct 2009 6:20pm

Thea from Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Great street shot,shame the situation is not that good...

7 Oct 2009 6:40pm

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

very nice street image - I like the exressions of the men here

7 Oct 2009 6:41pm

philippe from moselle, France

une scène de rue dramatique qui hélas en devient presque banale !!!!!

7 Oct 2009 7:30pm

roy from Belgium

I had posted, but there was probably something wrong ..
A very beautiful picture, without interference from the flash, just wonderful

7 Oct 2009 8:08pm

Tomix from landerneau, France

they don't look misery...but who knows!

7 Oct 2009 8:12pm

@Tomix: thx Tomie :)) NO, they do not . They simply need money :))

Blackdog from London, United Kingdom

Pity you didn't catch the policeman too ;o) I hope he wasn't giving them too hard a time!

7 Oct 2009 8:19pm

@Blackdog: yes, i thought the same, but i was afraid policeman could see me and ask me to delete all shots . that is why was spying behind him but still careful :))

Christel from Köln, Germany

Good evening, Mariana,
These people you meet around the world.
The clarity and the colors of the recording I like very well. Dear greetings Christel

7 Oct 2009 8:21pm

Yvon from Belgium

A great shot.

7 Oct 2009 8:33pm

Papalopoctli from D.F., Mexico

I like the expression on both faces. Good shot!.

7 Oct 2009 9:03pm

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

In the light of the dollar crisis this is a very modest demand (even if you put a "0" after the "1"). A cool, authentic shot!

7 Oct 2009 9:11pm

Sidney from Manila, Philippines

Looks like fun guys! At least they don't lost their good spirit being on the street all day.
Nice capture !

7 Oct 2009 9:40pm

Zeinab from Tehran, Iran

Oh... hope one day not see anyone asking for luck! Great spying shot

7 Oct 2009 10:09pm

Veronelle from Lens, France

excellent portrait realist

7 Oct 2009 10:48pm

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

Very nice flashlight and sharp night portrait! If more of the character $1 is seen, it'll be more perfect! Great!

7 Oct 2009 11:03pm

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

That works nicely. Terrific use of light.

7 Oct 2009 11:26pm

Seraphine from San Francisco, United States

beautiful mariana!
everyone needs something.
and most of us don't appreciate how good life is.
what we think we need and what we get are sometimes two different things. what we really need is pretty basic: food, water, shelter, love. security. laughter.
what we want is everything.

8 Oct 2009 12:16am

Ajay from Pune, India

They seems to be quite happy that someone is taking their shot. :-)

8 Oct 2009 1:22am

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Hey, what's Steven Spielberg doing up there?

8 Oct 2009 2:31am

@Twelvebit: You do not know he is unemployed now and lives in Waterloo, Canada ? ha ha

Barbara from Florida, United States

My first thought was the guy on the left doesn't seem to belong there looking for a hand out. Then read your reply to Ekios. Then I see the clothing doesn't look like hand me downs. Interesting story about the signs. Great marketing strategy and great street shot.

8 Oct 2009 2:52am

@Barbara: Many thanks Barbara :)

Shrigley Photography from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Ha, this is cute. They look like they're having fun. :)

8 Oct 2009 4:00am

uvaraj from United States

just like your last frame, this too speaks volumes. Well done...

8 Oct 2009 4:07am

Andrei Barbu from Timisoara, Romania

Great street shot!

8 Oct 2009 4:51am

STEED from Gueret, France

All I need is LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Oct 2009 6:30am

Albert from Hamburg, Germany

Haha, the guy to the right is completely crazy! A great photo! Very good work your portraits! Not easy to photo unknown people like this...

8 Oct 2009 8:13am

Manuela M from Rennes, France

Quels regards captivants dans ce portrait de la réalité des rues!
Bonne journée.

8 Oct 2009 1:07pm

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

Great street shot captured to perfection ..

8 Oct 2009 4:56pm

ajoeh from Mataram, Indonesia

Well captured of expression, nice lighting..

9 Oct 2009 12:59am

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

lol -- a funny pair they make!

9 Oct 2009 3:35am

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

A night street photography! Fab shot!

9 Oct 2009 8:43am

Stef67 from in my head, France

j accroche pas....^^

10 Oct 2009 8:16pm