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Aug, 2009 / Waterloo

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS 1/125 second F/4.0 ISO 80 13 mm


"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

SCOTT F. SCHILLING from San Martin, United States

Great close up and a face with a lot of experience!

3 Sep 2009 5:05am

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

An old star and great star!!!
Love this PP and *****stars!!!

3 Sep 2009 5:05am

Stephane Themeze from Maryland, United States

Honest and Raw Portrait!

3 Sep 2009 5:24am

@Stephane Themeze: Live your comment Stephane. Portrait is more important than this man's look :)) Thanks !

Nadia Olisa from Canberra, Australia

awww..what a toothy grin! nice capture! :)

3 Sep 2009 5:50am

Lydie et Roland from BESANCON, France

WOW... What can he eat ? mashed potatoes ? yoghurt ? Great portrait !

3 Sep 2009 5:52am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Great natural portrait of this old man so expressive.

3 Sep 2009 5:55am

md.Hafiz from Singapore, Singapore

great portrait shot. Quite funny too. I wonder what he's laughing about.

3 Sep 2009 6:03am

oncho from granada, Spain

Muy divertido y natural,me ha gustado mucho

3 Sep 2009 6:19am

Alex from Barcelona, Spain

Que retrato!!! Me gustan mucho esas bien marcadas arrugas dandonos a entender los años que lleva encima este hombre.

3 Sep 2009 6:20am

Sriram from Chennai, India

Amazing and very cute potrait.. i like the details of skin texture on the face.. nicely captured!!

3 Sep 2009 6:32am

k@ from Paris, France

Omigod, that's quite a terrible over-close portrait but he seems happy to be shot. Was he ? Is he handicapped ? He seems to have mental pb or something, that's why I don't find the portrait "cute", I would better say "true".

3 Sep 2009 6:39am

@k@: Thanks Karine . NO, man is not old, not handicapped. He was walking very, very briefly back from work with his briefcase . He was interesting to me from behind , but more interesting when I catch up on him and saw his face . He does not smile on this picture. He is alone, does not see me or maybe he see me but does not pay any attention . He was looking right to check if car is coming to cross the street . That was a moment when I took 2 shots .

Jean-Luc from Lyon, France

deep deep deep expression , a wonderful portrait of this old man marked by age.

3 Sep 2009 6:42am

Mhélène from Paris, France

A superb portrait ,a man with all his life on his face ! A beautiful photo !

3 Sep 2009 6:43am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Beautiful the way you've caught all the textures, especially the details of those wonderful deeply grooved lines from eye to chin. Marvelous.

3 Sep 2009 6:48am

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

What a great face!! Tells a thousand stories! Great portrait!

3 Sep 2009 7:00am

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Hi Mariana, I hope it does you do not bite! Lolll ... I love this portrait. Good day.

3 Sep 2009 7:02am

Saeed from -, Iran

oooo! What a Great Portrait! well done

3 Sep 2009 7:16am

Standley from Carquefou, France

Superb portrait. What an expression!

3 Sep 2009 7:27am

kerfendal from Paris, France

what a wonderful portrait, I like it so much !

3 Sep 2009 7:40am

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Nice portrait, amaizing details and light.

3 Sep 2009 8:10am

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

A worthy old guy, seems he hasn't lost his humor! :-)

3 Sep 2009 8:28am

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Great portrait, love those wisdom lines on his face.

3 Sep 2009 8:48am

Christel from Köln, Germany

Good morning Mariana,
This man seems to be very old. Although he barely has teeth in his mouth, he does not seem to have lost the humor. I hope that he can eat everything. A very interesting recording. I am very glad that you liked my poem for the mermaid. Dear greetings Christel

3 Sep 2009 8:52am

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

A fine grin!!!

3 Sep 2009 9:33am

Craig@Random Ramblings from Herts, United Kingdom

Now there's a face that looks like it's lived a life and enjoyed it, wonderful capture.

3 Sep 2009 10:06am

@Craig@Random Ramblings: I think that my character is still working since I saw him walking very briefly with a briefcase :)) I am pretty good in estimating someone's age and this man should not be older than 60 :))) Thanks Craig !

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Great portrait, Superb face.

3 Sep 2009 10:23am

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

another excellent portrait... like his joy of living...

3 Sep 2009 10:28am

Benkirane Thami from Fès, Morocco

J'espère qu'il n'a aucune dent contre quelqu'un!
Superbe portrait qui affiche le poids de son âge...
Bonne journée lumineuse!

3 Sep 2009 11:23am

Sidney from Manila, Philippines

Great portrait... what a personality !

3 Sep 2009 11:49am

Roman from Thunder Bay, Canada

Now, that's a great character !! Fantastic find Mariana, you truly have a nack for this sort of shots, bravo !!


3 Sep 2009 11:55am

@Roman: glad to hear that from you :))

shoti from Everywhere in the, Philippines

what a wonderful portrait. full of character and soul. looks like he received a lot of blows in his life. but still, he managed to put on that big two-teethed smile :)

3 Sep 2009 12:13pm

Marcie from Newton, United States

What a fantastic 'character' portrait. Love the honesty..and especially the joyous expression you captured.

3 Sep 2009 12:26pm

rian from Mobile, United States

nice portrait of this old dude.. look at all those wrinkles.. i can't wait to have em when i'm older.. :D

3 Sep 2009 12:29pm

Reiner from Brensbach, Germany

He looks somehow skeptical, but not unhappy - the age seems to transfigure things. You have captured a man who certainly didn't stand on the bright side of life. Brilliant portrait.

3 Sep 2009 12:59pm

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

AMAZING portrait Mariana... I bet he's a real character with a lot of good story's to tell... Love your B & W processing 10/10 +

3 Sep 2009 1:57pm

Don from spokane, United States

What a fine street portrait of this very interesting looking gentleman. His squint and the lined face with only a tooth or two remaining are priceless elements in this strong picture. 5* for sure!

3 Sep 2009 2:40pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

That is one superb portrait. That face tells the story. Brilliant work!

3 Sep 2009 2:49pm

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Excellent portrait!!

3 Sep 2009 3:27pm

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

oh ! Mariana, You always find subjects of portraits so interessants and meaning ! so powerful picture !

3 Sep 2009 3:52pm

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

interesting ..I mean ;-)) sorry I mixed french & english !

3 Sep 2009 3:54pm

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

beautiful portrait, the time has traced its paths!

3 Sep 2009 4:11pm

Luis A. De Jesus R. from Mexico City, Mexico

Really like this image. Taking a closer look I couldn't help but think how much he looks more like a child than a man who has lived a good many years and experienced a good numbers of things. Just look at his collar, his teeth, smile, and apparent innocence in his eyes.

3 Sep 2009 4:13pm

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

It's a great smile but would you believe that one of the first things I noticed was his nose where the glasses must have been slid up and down for years -- I have the same problem when I'm wearing mine. I hope I present such a happy visage.

3 Sep 2009 4:34pm

Ajay from Pune, India

Lovely portrait. Old and yet so full of life.

3 Sep 2009 4:35pm

Jaol from Canarias+Gijon, Spain

Well, perhaps it's not his best profile, but the important is the beauty of his soul...fantastic portrait.

3 Sep 2009 4:43pm

Yvon from Belgium

A great B/W.

3 Sep 2009 5:16pm

Morten Pedersen from Norway

I love the personality!

3 Sep 2009 5:21pm

Eldiablo from over the rainbow, Monaco

VERY NICE **************************** ;)

3 Sep 2009 5:24pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

his smile is unique…

3 Sep 2009 5:28pm

@Calusarus: hey, it's not a smile, just his face :))

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Terrific portrait. Superbly done.

3 Sep 2009 5:31pm

faisal from NYC, United States

wow. all the years show up in his face.

3 Sep 2009 5:34pm

Erika from Finland

Really honest portrait. Great!

3 Sep 2009 5:41pm

peter from new york, United States

this great portrait made me smile : )

3 Sep 2009 5:55pm

Blackdog from London, United Kingdom

You did well to avoid strong shadows on the face given the peaked cap - very accomplished portrait!

3 Sep 2009 5:59pm

B.Held from Santa Fe, United States

a strong and inspiring portrait.

3 Sep 2009 6:02pm

Mia from Cleveland, United States

Love the toothy smile, Mariana! Your portrait shots keep getting better. Every portrait seems to have a story behind it.

3 Sep 2009 6:25pm

@Mia: thanks Mia . I adore candid shots and portraits :)) still a lot to practice and learn :))

Alun from cheshire, United Kingdom

cracking shot, love it

3 Sep 2009 6:36pm

Albert from Hamburg, Germany

What a portrait!!!! Very good work! And nice BW conversion as usual from you.

3 Sep 2009 7:03pm

Shahryar from Isfahan, Iran

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow !!
very good ,it's strong shot ;)

3 Sep 2009 7:18pm

"... م.ر.گ ..." from Tehran, Iran

extraordinary portrait

3 Sep 2009 7:21pm

Dawn from Maryland, United States

What a wonderful portrait. Love the B&W. Perfect capture. : )

3 Sep 2009 7:22pm

Daryl Johnson from Farnham, United Kingdom

A great moment, and even though you took this spontaneously, he really seems to be posing for you!

3 Sep 2009 7:37pm

Imaginerf from Troyes, France

Excellent portrait : Thumbs up !!

3 Sep 2009 7:45pm

jamesy from christchurch, New Zealand

what a fabulous portrait. You did very well to capture this image in a candid moment

3 Sep 2009 8:09pm

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

Wow, a great portrait !

3 Sep 2009 8:46pm

Thierry Masson from orly, France

je rajoute ma petite pierre à ce concert de louanges, bravo

3 Sep 2009 8:47pm

@Thierry Masson: many thanks Thierry :))

titi from France

UN SUPERBE PORTRAIT ..Une belle "gueule"..!

3 Sep 2009 8:57pm

R.J.Dee from Ettlingen, Germany

extraordinary character - I 'm sure that I would also have been keen on taking a picture of that face - I hope he won't lose his last two teeth ;-)

3 Sep 2009 9:18pm

mirela from brighton, United States

wonderful and strong, great work!

3 Sep 2009 9:23pm

@mirela: thanks Mirela :)

Mª Angeles from Barcelona, Spain

wow Mariana, has captado una persona con una expresión increible, un muy buen retrato en B&W, me encante con todos sus detellas, Un buen trabajo!!! Saludos!

3 Sep 2009 9:23pm

Lynn from United States

GREAT PORTRAIT!!! You seem to be able to capture people clearly focused. Nice work Mariana as always :))

3 Sep 2009 9:27pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Wow, great portrait, that face has tens of thousands of stories to tell.

3 Sep 2009 9:56pm

@Ralph Jones: I think the same. Thanks Ralph :)

Spectra from Carrboro, United States

tihs is amazing!!! classic shot!

3 Sep 2009 10:49pm

Tomix from landerneau, France

hollywood beach? was him actor on the movie "the teeth of the sea? :)

3 Sep 2009 11:00pm

@Tomix: yes, he was :)) lol !!!

Walter from Watkinsville, United States

Wonderful capture. Thanks for the response above to tell us a little about the photo and subject. I would have never guessed this was not a posed photo. Not sure what you did to the background but it really lends itself to leave the attention to the man in the photo and not a distracting scene behind him.

3 Sep 2009 11:34pm

@Walter: Thanks Walter :)

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

What a great expression! Beautifully captured and the BW is very good.

3 Sep 2009 11:48pm

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

You just know how to make a portrait produce fabulous impact!!! Incredible catch... what a character and unforgettable face!

3 Sep 2009 11:55pm

Ginnie from Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Oh my! He'll live to be way over 100, if he isn't already that old!

4 Sep 2009 12:52am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great capture of expression that looks quite painful. Perhaps it's the lack of enamel in his mouth?

4 Sep 2009 1:49am

Lee from Fort Frances Ontario, Canada

A smile that says it all. Your candid captures catch the true personalities of the subjects. Well done.

4 Sep 2009 3:07am

Papalopoctli from D.F., Mexico

Hermoso rostro!! Su sonrisa es bellísima. Excelente foto.

4 Sep 2009 3:46am

Anina from Auckland, New Zealand

Ahhh!!! Such a great portrait!

4 Sep 2009 3:58am

@Anina: :)

One from Açores, Portugal

A wonderful expression. Excellent portrait !!!

4 Sep 2009 4:55am

LM from Aix en Provence, France

WOW what fantastic portrait. You manage perfectly the light, and the attitude of the man. Well done

4 Sep 2009 7:27am

Manuela M from Rennes, France

Ton portrait est excellent et plein de vie!!
La vie lui sourit! ;-) Quelle expression émouvante!
Bonne journée.

4 Sep 2009 7:50am

elena from turin, Italy

a fantastic portrait!

4 Sep 2009 9:22am

mseguid from Spain

Excelent black and white picture.

4 Sep 2009 5:23pm

grant from kansas city, United States

great portrait!

4 Sep 2009 11:37pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Looks nice guy ! Well done.

5 Sep 2009 10:35am

luwi from Innsbruck, Austria

great portrait, so personally!

5 Sep 2009 8:41pm

Omar from Kunduz, Afghanistan

hehe, great shot

7 Sep 2009 1:28pm

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Excellent! I am thoroughly enjoying your work! You have wonderful timing, and a great way of capturing people.

10 Sep 2009 2:49am

@Tracy: Thanks Tracy ! I really wish to live in a bigger city, like Toronto, to have a better possibility for shooting . Not so many things interesting in a small city , but people, parks, ducks :))) That is why I am mostly oriented to canded shots and portraits when get closer to my characters :))

Eugene Nikiforov from Northport, United States

great portrait

12 Sep 2009 7:39pm

Andre Muliana from Jakarta, Indonesia

Very good portrait.. love the detail..

30 Sep 2009 3:46pm

Mahdi from Tehran, Iran

wow really nice

3 Aug 2010 4:31pm

ORBIT from Kerman, Iran

Hahaha... : D

25 Nov 2010 10:32pm

Sumedh Prasad from New Delhi, India

Terrific Moment!

29 Dec 2010 11:11pm

@Sumedh Prasad: sorry, i would say a great portrait . why moment ?

andrea from padova, Italy

Everyone can make a great picture from a beautiful subject.
Few people can make a great picture from a "not so Beautiful" subject.
Great great great job.

18 Sep 2011 2:01pm

@andrea: many thanks Andrea. And, I agree with you :) That is why I hardly take pix of beautiful girls/ people... To me this man , with all these lines on his face, with his strobizam, with missing teeth is so SPECIAL , so special for great portrait :)

Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
1/125 second
ISO 80
13 mm