"The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting."
~ Andre Kertesz

Tammy-Cricket from somewhere out there, United States

Love the pop of color on the lips. Very nice portrait.

13 Jul 2009 5:15am

Scott Schilling from San Martin, United States

Wow - this is great with the red - and the lips match perfectly! Great shot Mariana, and the hat looks great too! I like the forms in this image!

13 Jul 2009 5:22am

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A nice and creative work on this portrait

13 Jul 2009 5:33am

Rags from Plano, United States

cool pose.

13 Jul 2009 6:01am

Kasra from Tabriz, Iran


13 Jul 2009 6:26am

Standley from Carquefou, France

Beautiful and original on this red background. I like the pose! Well done.

13 Jul 2009 7:01am

LESLIE from norwich, United Kingdom

WOW beautifully shot... love the angle of this shot & the red background makes the model alive ******

13 Jul 2009 7:09am

R. Mahmoudi from qom, Iran

everything is right but the the way you edited makes it artificial .. thanks for sharing ...

13 Jul 2009 7:38am

micke berglig from Sweden

Love it...so cool, great shot

13 Jul 2009 8:06am

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Wonderful portrait, great colours!

13 Jul 2009 8:12am

Vink from Grasse, France

Great composition ! well done !

13 Jul 2009 8:40am

amirreza from tehran, Iran

u see that hat bat not see her?
good subject

13 Jul 2009 9:34am

@amirreza: well, the title is - a hat !!! ha ha

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

What a wonderful shape you make here

13 Jul 2009 10:10am

shoti from Everywhere in the, Philippines

another wonderful idea , my dear lovely Mariana! foxy!

13 Jul 2009 11:17am

@shoti: Thanks Shoti .

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

A very nice and strong photo. I love the red as background

13 Jul 2009 11:22am

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

very elegant and creative ! superb Mariana !

13 Jul 2009 11:42am

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

A nice & elegant creation. Looks like a 3D picture with the red vivid background

13 Jul 2009 12:08pm

rian from mobile, United States

wow.. really cool lighting and processing.. beautiful work! :)

13 Jul 2009 12:26pm

amir from tehran, Iran

perfect idea. the lips are exactly match the background. but i think the red background needs a little edition. tanx

13 Jul 2009 12:28pm

@amir: Thanks . You are right . On a daily light I see it , was processing it in the evening :)))

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

You have a really nice hat. Nice idea, nice treatment.

13 Jul 2009 12:35pm

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

fantastic portrait! bright colors provide a beautiful record!

13 Jul 2009 12:39pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Nice self-portrait Mariana! Very European....... ;-))

13 Jul 2009 12:56pm

Mags from Paris, France

Wow great, it's wonderful, I love it.
The posture and colors are amazing :)

13 Jul 2009 1:07pm

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

Interesting and cool effect! She almost looks like she's been pasted onto he red backdrop! Love how this just (literally) pops! Bravo!

13 Jul 2009 1:28pm

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

Fantastic picture, I like the vivid colours

13 Jul 2009 1:35pm

flyingwind风飞扬 from Taiyuan, China

Four sexy points: hat, mouth, hair and skin! You know very well how to show yourself ^_^ Such a treatment or PS if there were, was just like a cut-paper work!!!

13 Jul 2009 2:15pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Who's the mystery woman under the hat? It's you! A creative and lovely self-portrait.

13 Jul 2009 3:03pm

don from spokane, United States

An eye-catching posture enhanced with the brilliant, saturated color. Nice shooting.

13 Jul 2009 3:17pm

Stephane Themeze from Maryland, United States

It has the catchy look of 50's, 60's posters. That red is a killing that could say don't mind the eyes that hat don't want U2C but read my lips!

13 Jul 2009 3:34pm

Veronelle from Lens, France

yes well done beautifull composition

13 Jul 2009 3:38pm

Shahryar from Isfahan, Iran

:)) well done .its great ;)

13 Jul 2009 3:42pm

Dawn from Maryland, United States

What a great shot!! Love the red pop!

13 Jul 2009 3:52pm

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Excellent work... pure artistry!

13 Jul 2009 4:02pm

zOOm from Paris, France

Very profesionnal presentation. And wow ! Fashion !

13 Jul 2009 4:12pm

Mike from United States

Wonderful cutout presentation. Red was an excellent choice as it matches the lipstick. Love the pose, love the hat and LOVE this super hot model ! Great job M!

13 Jul 2009 4:15pm

Zazuza from Vienna via Bucharest, Austria

a sexy photo! well done!

13 Jul 2009 4:24pm

António Pires from Lisbon, Portugal

Good photo. Well done.

13 Jul 2009 4:59pm

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

A stunning and brilliantly creative piece of work! Congratulations Marianna!

13 Jul 2009 5:08pm

PD from Overland Park, Kansas, United States

Very bright and creative. Great shot

13 Jul 2009 5:27pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

And scarlet lips!!

13 Jul 2009 6:00pm

motie from France

WOW! is it a selportrait? fantastic!! very amazing editing and you look beautiful...i hope to see more next time!

13 Jul 2009 6:08pm

peter from new york, United States

heheh great self portrait!

13 Jul 2009 6:41pm

Francesc B. from région parisienne, France

Very original and creative... I like the angle of your shot...
The line of the shadow around the hat is not very regular and too hard... It would have been more attractive a little bit soft or blurry...

13 Jul 2009 6:47pm

mo.langel from Switzerland

Beau portrait bien réalisé!

13 Jul 2009 6:59pm

Eros from tehran, Iran

very unique shot :) i like it

13 Jul 2009 7:37pm

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

An interesting image. Very commercial.

13 Jul 2009 7:41pm

Andy from United States

Great portrait shot. Love the colors and the hat too!

13 Jul 2009 7:46pm

Graham Russon from Cape Town, South Africa

Brilliant work, everything is just perfect.

13 Jul 2009 7:53pm

Liang from San Francisco, United States

cool processing giving the red background, nice clarity and details!

13 Jul 2009 8:12pm

Ti from Alpharetta, United States

I think I recognize that sexy lips... :-) Apparently someone likes red a lot!

There doesn't seem to have depth between the body and the background, did you clip your profile and paste on a red background?

13 Jul 2009 8:24pm

@Ti: Thanks . No, I did not do that , I simply changed the background into RED :))

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

what a crop! what a top! and such a luscious red!!! an eye popping image!!! bravo!!

13 Jul 2009 8:25pm

Alex from Barcelona, Spain

Buen retrato, la pose de la modelo que parece salir del fondo me encanta.

13 Jul 2009 9:18pm

xavier cardell from menorca-barcelona, Spain

Hey, hey, heyyyy. Excellent. I just love it!

13 Jul 2009 11:39pm

ZoomLNZ from Los Angeles Area, United States

Very stylish. Love your process in red.

14 Jul 2009 12:24am

JMS from Thailand

La petite marge d'ombre du flash souligne encore davantage ce coté lisse et anonyme que provoque le chapeau.

14 Jul 2009 1:44am

Lee from Fort Frances Ontario, Canada

You are a master of processing Mariana. Original idea. I like it al lot. Well done.

14 Jul 2009 3:36am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Very good processing and a beautiful hat. I like it.

14 Jul 2009 5:13am

Jingz from Germany

this is really cool
good color combination and posing

14 Jul 2009 6:55am

Jaol from Canarias+Asturias, Spain

One of my favourites here! Framing and colors...the detail of hiding her eyes is so definitive! and those lips...the wole picture is fantastic.

14 Jul 2009 2:11pm

Dan Creighton from Pottstown, United States

Punchy and graphic!

14 Jul 2009 3:15pm

Lynn from United States

BRILLIANT!!! Love the red background and lipstick...the pose is fantastic. BRAVO :))

14 Jul 2009 6:36pm

dkc from Xanthi, Greece

fantastic portrait...an overdose of passionate red...

16 Jul 2009 11:50am

ishm from dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great work! well done.

17 Jul 2009 10:54am

Marie from Paris, France

Very original !!!!

If I have to choose a photograph, it will be you ! It's sure !
I love your maneer to capture the "woman" touch...
"La féminité" is an Art and you know so well how to shot the essential of the beauty of a woman...
I'm impressed !!
Really !

17 Jul 2009 10:09pm

vz-nostalgia from United States

In search for the lost kiss? :-)

21 Jul 2009 7:40pm

mirela from brighton, United States

how did you do this????

22 Aug 2009 1:50am

@mirela: I was on the floor, and just little piece of body was seen, and I simply removed it and colored background into Red :)) Very simple but cool effect !

El pare from Catalunya, Spain

Mariana, I like your style, simplicity is often the best. A great portrait or self portrait. I like it.

2 Dec 2009 6:05pm

Russ Devan from New Hanover, PA, United States

I really like this pose and how your eyes are hidden. Well done.

7 May 2010 4:37pm