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Touch of Orange
5 May 2014

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4 May 2014

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bus stop
3 May 2014

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2 May 2014

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28 April 2014

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woman and dog
22 April 2014

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Man and Pigeons
20 April 2014

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12 April 2014

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Into the Circle
6 April 2014

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Cat in a Field
29 March 2014

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7 March 2014

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Good Old Ford
1 February 2014

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19 October 2013

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Comfort in Red
10 July 2013

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Servair !
3 October 2012

Recent Comments

Chetan on Touch of Orange
At the first glance it looked like fire instead of leaves. Beautiful.

Curly on Touch of Orange
Beautiful image, clean and crisp, well defined and sharp, looks like a good decent winter for some :-)

Brian Read on Cuba .......... 5
Just back from Club Amigo where we had the privilege of meeting Don Lupe on the beach. He was very endearing. lots of ...

Hossein Saharnaz on Touch of Orange
Beautiful Picture Thank u. My father photoblog is updated.( ) Sourena Saharnaz

Tomix on Touch of Orange
At least they give your copyright under your pictures...All the best for you Mariana.

Susan on together

Martine Libouton on leaves
Sublime!!5 *****

Tomix on Touch of Orange
Happy new year Mariana! i saw some of your pictures on this humoristic blog .

Pnyks on Touch of Orange
Mariana, Happy New Year to you. Hope to see more of your beautiful images in 2015!

Dikine Pançoz on 'Ava Gardner'
She is not Ava Gardner... You are a liar.. Why do you lie.. Shame on you

omid on Touch of Orange
Merry ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ♥ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * • ♫ ♪ ...

Tomix on Touch of Orange
Merry Christmas!

Ana Lúcia on Touch of Orange
I Wish You a Merry♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ...

Maharba on Touch of Orange
This is beautiful. Bravo

ceteceva on Touch of Orange
Elles sont belles, ces quelques lumières orange qui résistent au vent avant le dénuement des ...

Thierry Masson on at the door
trop fort

Eau'rel on Touch of Orange
So smart! I like

Sam on Touch of Orange
Beautiful image. Lovely red patches of colours. A beautiful shot. :)

Shaahin Bahremand on Touch of Orange
excellent shot

Melocoton on Touch of Orange
We are here waiting for those who admire you .................Mary

Calusarus on Touch of Orange
Lovely mood

Roger Dekert on Spring
Two lovers... Young lovers... Maybe in many many years, thei'll be walking side by side like on your next ...

Roger Dekert on together
Walking hand in hand... A great picture of Love with a big L

Tomix on Touch of Orange
Beautiful image!

Tomix on woman and dog
I like!

Tomix on together
Their line of life is on the ground...Great capture!

Tomix on waiting
Great compo!

Tomix on girls
i like her expression!

Tomix on girl running
Superb B&W!

Tomix on at the door
Beautiful mood...Remind me a cookie! :)

Ana Lúcia on Touch of Orange
Beautifully captured atmosphere.

Helen on Touch of Orange
Oooo ah! I love the clarity and the contrast of the colour, Nice work!

mike on together
Excellent! *****

omid on Bench
A M A Z I N G !

omid on woman and dog
:) L O V E L Y !

omid on Belgrade
very nice shot, with excellent frame! such beautiful colors! Amazing textures!

omid on together
Excellent! L O V E L Y !

omid on Spring
Lovely moments!

omid on Red in Snow
very niec shot!

omid on at the door
W O N D E R F U L !

omid on waiting

omid on girl running
Lovely shot! Amazing shadows!

omid on girls
Lovely portrait & bokeh!

omid on winter
Amazing shot!

omid on bus stop
E X C E L L E N T !

omid on leaves
Wonderful !!!!!

omid on Touch of Orange
Excellent! L O V E L Y !

KriKridesign on at the door
just fantastic!

rian on waiting
the inclusion of the dog is what i find interesting, nice shot.

rian on Spring
cute moment captured here.

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